The key to healing: How the past is embodied in a living organism

The law of reason, matter and motion. This is the definition, the only definition given E.T.Stillom open their principles and practices, which he called osteopathy. Osteopathy, indeed, is a Recognition, use and recovery of movement in all aspects of life, in all stages of matter created by divine reason.

What is the difference between the forearm and upper arm your neighbor just a dead person? Both consist of the same elements formed from the same tissue, both linked to the same organs and systems. And yet, one living, the other dead. What is the trait that distinguishes the living from the dead? It is inherent in the living movement: it is a characteristic that is present in all living organisms, minerals, plants, animals and humans


Electrolytes are moving in and out of the cell. The cell moves within the body. The body is in constant motion in the body. The body moves on the ground and with the Earth, and the Earth in turn rotates on its axis and breathes, participating in cycles of cosmic breaths. Earth together with other planets move around the sun, and at the same time with him participates in perfectly orchestrated and accurately delivered in time grand ballet universe.

Man is a dynamic functional unit, where each part is integrated with all the other alive through inelastic membrane fascia. Sensitive hand laid down, interference can detect any physiological function in a remote part of the body. Conversely, cranial Strain can be diagnosed by palpation other areas. Congenital physiological movement of the primary respiratory mechanism may be distorted, disturbed, reduced, expanded or modified. No matter where the primary cause of its manifestation can be quickly identified.

The patient sitting in front of us today is the result, the total amount of his reactions to everything caught in it "blows and arrows released cruel fate." Diagnosis - is the art of analyzing the state of the structure and function, to open the causes of their violations, and to find the key that opens the present based on the past and allows using all the same rhythm, to establish future

. "We are only interested in the truth, or the connection between cause and effect. We are convinced that stretched through a single thread: all the words are strung on it like beads: and the people and events, and life come to us only through this thread. " These words of Emerson can rightly be attributed to the osteopathic views.

Moses added another characteristic in causal relationships, writing: "It's been a thousand years, but as if it happened yesterday." Any event, mental, emotional or physical, that violates distorts or interrupts the free natural rhythm of life - this is a new link in the chain that links man with his past. The purpose of this lecture is the problem is not with you soar on the wings of an eloquent philosophy, but rather to bring to your mind the profound meaning of the concept, which will allow you to better treat your patients.

Here is a patient with a complex set of symptoms, a series of traumatic cases have occurred in the course of life, both physical and emotional. He has made numerous analyzes liquids of the organism and its X-ray structures. His amazing stuffed drugs he swallowed extraordinarily expensive pills, he indulged in gastronomic delicacies, and do all the exercises, which only could.

However, he is still sick. Is not the reason of the disease lies in a traffic accident that occurred 25 years ago, in an emotional shock, tested 15 years ago, encephalitis, or a history of child birth injury? Are the main causes of problems at work, or trouble at home? The memory of the critical episodes can be buried in the depths of the unconscious patient, however, an astute physician will see the thread of his life up until it finds an answer.

One such patient was a middle-aged man, who had suffered headaches for 25 years. He was treated in the most prestigious clinics, however, the only result of the treatment was the need to wean from the excessive use of drugs.

In the end, he was asked what he thinks about the reason that caused the headache, which was not there before, they appeared quite suddenly, and harassed almost daily. During the war, he drove a jeep. At a crossroads in its board crashed into another car. A week later, I began headaches. The body is still experiencing the effect applied to it a huge force directed sideways and cranial mechanism of this man was trying to cope with a severe lateral Strain.

A young woman who was obviously depressed, complained of constant epigastric pain. They intensified during the meal, but the discomfort she felt constantly. She struggled to answer questions, only "Yes" or "No". In the end, having achieved little in questions, it was put on the table to diagnose.

Palpate severe emotional stress, however, what was the cause, and how you can remove it? As we taught the Great Physician, she was told that the healing and forgiveness - two sides of the same coin; to heal, we must forgive; If forgiveness is given, followed by healing him.

Visible patient's response to a short speech followed. Then she was advised to exercise forgiveness. First, think about all the situations in which it is anyone offended, and who she should apologize. Then visualize what happened, both on the screen in the movie.

And the last scene - to come to the man about whom there was a speech, ask for forgiveness and get it. The second stage: to think about all the situations where it hurt, and she had to forgive these people. Again, imagine this scene as if the on-screen in the movie and add a scene asking for forgiveness and receiving it. (The apparent there was no reaction on the part of the patient).

And finally, think of any situation where someone is hurt or caused her pain, while she was right, nothing to blame, since irritation felt angry towards that person. Irritation and anger are in this case is the most serious sin that requires pleas for forgiveness. The patient immediately burst into tears and told how, when she was fourteen years old, her stepfather rushed at her and raped her, and how she was going through an unwanted pregnancy, her mother all these years to raise a child with her, how she hated this man and angry mother.

When emotional outburst subsided, the time the final stage - the fact that for this event she could never forgive herself, and it was an unpardonable sin. Again invoke the aid of creative imagining, imagining everything happening on the screen of consciousness, and you will find yourself asking for forgiveness and receiving it.

After that, the patient was released a week that she remembered all that she could remember, regarding each stage. After that, she should turn to God in every possible way for it, and ask for His forgiveness. The patient accepted this as a prescription physician. A month later, on violations in the abdominal area was forgotten and it has become a new man, cheerful and friendly. Forgiveness melted the chain link from the past, which fettered her.

Eighteen-year-Japanese boy with autism, parents led. He had broken it, he lagged behind in development. He was accommodating and kind, he worked with his father, digging ditches and processing the earth. His spelling and the score were satisfactory, however, he was confused in the use of words. He was the first-born in the family, and the birth was quick and messy. And his head "was shaped like a bottle gourd." As a child, he was just a child, but did not speak up to 3 years, and 5 years were used only a few words.

His behavior at school was disgusting, however, neurological examination does not reveal any pathology. On examination, his body was discovered inertia tissue, reduced vitality, which forced to assume a lack of energy to maintain the mechanism in action. It was not the inertia caused by fatigue, although fatigue was present.

Nor was it originally, compressed inert mechanism, although this compression was noted. It felt as if it were a membrane of wet cardboard, but not alive, elastic, retsepropnymi membranes. This was the legacy of encephalitis. At the age of six months from the child for a long time it had a fever with rash roseolous.

"Cerebrospinal fluid is one of the most highly organized elements of the human body, and if the brain is not supplying in excess of its entire body, painful condition will persist ... This great river of life should be provided free flow, parched fields should be immediately watered, otherwise healthy crop will lost forever. " Now the boy has already started to laugh and chat with other people.

Cesarean section because of breech presentation was the beginning of the life of eleven girls, foster daughter in the family, who had a syndrome of temporomandibular joint and malocclusion. Inspection showed that cranial pattern makes one think of the mother's pelvis compression in labor. She has been serving interparietal part of the occipital bone, flat nadoktsipitalnaya area and compression condylar parts. The history of the child's birth was again revised, already with the foster mother. "Yes, it was upside down, and then to the labor situation has changed in the breech»

. Past exactly imprinted in a dynamic living organism, if this is the past in some way violates the free rhythmic movement.

How can you, a doctor, to find and to follow the thread of life down to its essential moments, and to find them, how can you uncover the dam of mental, physical or emotional depths, allowing the river to flow that is without life-pyatstvenno?

two indications can be given:

1. Be calm and competent.

2. Ask and you will answer. Seek and you will be rewarded.

There is a small book, only 79 pages, first published in 1947, represents the most osteopathic work, written by the author, non-osteopaths. The author worked as a teacher of junior school classes and was a student at Emerson, Holmes, Carlisle and Bliss Perry. The book's title - "Consent", the author - Newton Dillauey

"The principle of consent used in all to finish, install or restore health in the body rhythm, the rhythm of their own awareness and always opens even higher and vast horizons of understanding and achievement».

"One should obey the laws of the structure of the universe." "We should not do something themselves, we have to wait for permission to run it, not to work, and be the subject of impact»

. "The agreement - is the key. We use in proportion to how much we agree to it. »

"Personality is entirely subordinate to the rhythm, which makes each event finished, the rhythm of the universe»

. Consent to flow into the rhythm of the universe, free from any obstacles - a way of healing humanity

. Author: Viola M.Fraymen


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