Tea Rose, planting and care. petal jam

Tea rose, a beautiful and useful plant. The plant is not capricious, and does not require special care, but to fight against aphids, if necessary, and should be watered occasionally. It flowers profusely from late May for two weeks. During flowering, I recommend to collect flowers and make jam. How do I, can be found in the film. You can also make masks, tonics, harvest vodichku pink frosting in special containers for ice. Catherine Snytko.
Recipe jam of roses - ingredients:

• 300 g of rose petals (white or pink petals);
• 2 -3stakana sugar;
• 1 cup of water;
• 2 lemons, cut into thin slices
For peretirka petals:
 - 500 grams of rose petals
.  - 1 kg of sugar.


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