I do not chose it!

Wrong choices can be called whatever you like, but the essence remains the same: from time to time many of us willingly appear at the wrong time, in the wrong place and the wrong people

. Assurances that the undesirable consequences of this action could not be avoided, it was no not a mistake but a necessary experience for the fate of all of us to put the lessons, and maybe not even we ourselves were the cause of what is happening, but the retrograde planets didst send clouding the mind, sometimes help to survive difficult period of life, but often questions still remain.

All correspondence and communication people complain about the hard life because of a finding of a number of "wrong" person. There would be a number of other partner, life would be brighter and more interesting, and due to the fact that not too perfect instance got, have to suffer.

We somehow could choose anyone, is not it? The whole world is at our feet! But we chose the one who does not love, does not embrace, does not earn money for themselves not caring, not ready and the list goes on. And, most importantly, does not appreciate the incredible treasure that fell to him / her in our face. Yeah Smiley «smile»

Imagine that we wanted to buy a jacket (I will explain to the women's example, men, and you substitute the - wheels on the machine, the card there is any, etc.). In theory, we are free to choose whatever you want, but still faced in practice in the limited resources available.

First, much depends on the money: how much we have in general, how much are willing to allocate for the purchase of the necessary things in the locker room when the next salary and so on. Agree, this resource is critical to most people, but not for everyone, so one suit jacket for a thousand rubles, other more expensive per thousand cu.

Secondly, if we have time to choose? If lasted until recently, or received an unexpected invitation to the feast, then you have to buy quickly and the fact that there is, and when thinking in advance, then we can go shopping and search the Internet, thereby increasing the chances of finding desired.

Third, what impact results in the acquisition of this blouse? whether it is combined with the rest of wardrobe or under it will have to buy another skirt, jacket, shoes and jewelry? Not always we have the opportunity to fully update a wardrobe, so the thing can and buy, but will not wear it with anything.

In addition to the above, we note another situation where the item originally we were not the right color, a style, or size, but very much want to believe that pohudeem / recovered Defined necessary, remove unnecessary hair dyed, Zagora, has changed beyond recognition and will appear in new clothes flawlessly. In some cases, reception work, but often on the item purchased has to still refuse, because a hard look at yourself in the mirror and home reviews of close people say that it is better to leave it hanging in a locker, or somebody to give.
< br> Also in life there are trips abroad, where it would be desirable to bring some of the exotic, the sale, which is simply a pity not to buy, spontaneous purchases "to cheer up" too intrusive sellers, under the spell or the pressure that buy unnecessary things and more.

But, tell me, please, in any of these cases, those who took the decision to buy, and so does she blame jacket that was "wrong"? And much to change in your life, if you consider the years of her parts, seams, buttons, drawing, criticize her, angry that it is not so beautiful in her look, as we would like?

And, even forgot to mention the cases of a series of "do not know what I want, tissues are not the ones to sew she can not and tailors with crooked hands caught in the shops do not find, in this universe has not been created yet is the jacket that would satisfy my highest demands, it's not that "- here, too, not in jackets thing I think

. It is important to understand that sooner or later an adult to stop and make a choice. From an infinite distance to the shops can be very tired and disappointed, and then another, and the party does not get there, because "nothing to wear". Yes, the clothes on mannequins, movie stars and advertising looks attractive, but if so much to chase the glossy happiness, can one become sad much of the discrepancy between expectations and reality.

If possible, you should choose the securities to you, but it is desirable that adequate criteria - not only beauty, but also practical, natural fabrics, value and quality, compatibility with the existing wardrobe, etc. There are, of course, ideas, to change everything in his life, including the appearance, but it is good to advance on their own or with the help of a specialist to understand tsvetotip suitable style, decide on things for a basic wardrobe, pick up a suitable capsule and then go shopping.

Change clothes by trial and error often is a much longer and more expensive, but if the resources invested, it may make sense to try to reshape, postroynet and that there has been conceived before buying and do not throw away everything? At least worth a try.

Before we blame the "wrong" people, "not the" work and the circumstances in his unhappy life, it is worth remembering that we are involved in the choice of all. The idea of ​​"everything would be different if ..." is partly an illusion, because the choice in favor of a particular person, place of work and any other important object has been made to the best of us at the time of resources: knowledge, time, experience, maturity.

What could afford, and then purchased, the choice is made and now it is not a choice, but in ourselves. And if everything was fine, and then everything changed at the time of selection, it also makes sense to recognize the contribution to those changes, honest look at what it is, stop blaming "blouse" or other item of clothing in the loss of the best years of his life, becoming master of his world, to decide how and where to go.

Yes, it should think before, and better, could have been more reasonable to dispose of the resources available, yes, some of the features, alas, missed, but I have to ourselves, not environment. Starting always comes with its own changes, otherwise you miss even more time and opportunities.

Do not put your life in complete dependence on the behavior and the rate of change of others, recognize their responsibility, change themselves, and who knows, maybe those "wrong" miraculously converted to the most appropriate resource and environment.

I wish you all happiness!


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