What happens if you put a solar panel on the balcony

Despite all the advantages of the use of solar panels, alternative energy in our country is developed quite weak.

The reasons are many: from the weather to the high cost of the panels. But many Russians it does not stop, and if you get into this number, there are two possible options: buy a ready set, consisting of panels and battery system or the assembly of individual parts


In the first case, the cost will be much higher. So, for example, a German company has developed special solar design elements are panel capacity of 195 watts. The people they were called "balcony power." Solar panels for home, sold under the brand name Sun Invention - Plug & amp; Save, have standard sizes and special skills are needed for their installation. That's just the cost of many confuse - 2800 euro, this solar system will afford not every

. Another thing is the system that many craftsmen made their own hands. Information about them is even sometimes appears in the media. The advantage of solar gathered in the home is not only its low cost (compared to the panel factory with identical characteristics of the costs will be less than 3 times), but also to take into account all the necessary technical details to meet your needs personally.

For Russian conditions, experts advise to choose polycrystalline module. It is better suited to the weak Russian natural sunlight. All items with module panels coated with a special laminate that is resistant both to temperature and to the effects of rain and snow.

Most of the finished solar installations equipped with batteries, controllers and devices with usb-output and standard output suitable for charging lamps, portable devices and small home appliances.

The batteries on the balcony
Marina Riptide from St. Petersburg to install solar panels on the balcony.

I have a small solar panel, polycrystalline, standing on the balcony, her friends gathered for me. It is connected to the usb-adapter, and I use it to activate a mini-fan for the summer and the Turkish colored light throughout the year, - says Marina Riptide

. Ivan Gerasimov from Novosibirsk on the balcony - 65-watt medium-sized solar battery. According to him, they can save approximately 6 amps / hour. With this current it is possible to charge your laptop is about half. Phone battery can be fully recharged within a few hours of the morning sun, and two reading lamps on a fully charged battery can operate for three consecutive nights.

Installing produces more than 2,500 watts, or 2, 5 kW. Average laptop at work consumes about 100 watts per hour, the phone - about 70 light - 10-15 W / h

. Permission to install

To install solar panels on the balcony additional legal permits are not required. The housing department in the community made it clear that if the battery does not interfere with other tenants, then install them do not need to get permission.

In any case, in Moszhilinspektsii advised to contact the main architectural and planning management of the Moscow Committee, to find out whether the claim to change the appearance of the building will be. In some cases, when it comes to houses, objects of cultural heritage, monuments of architecture, a change in the appearance of the facade of the building is possible only after obtaining permission.

Associated with solar installation redevelop regulates decree of October 25, 2011 N 508-PP of the Government of Moscow "On the organization of reconstruction and (or) the redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises in apartment buildings and homes." It can be read, in which cases still require approval.

For companies it is also important, but it is necessary to order the draft norms, to save on costs.

Podmoskovny experience

Dozens of companies offer installation of solar panels in Moscow and Moscow region. Despite the fact that the performance of the batteries in the winter months is reduced to three or four times, their use can provide energy for a small country house with the minimum necessary appliances. Solar installations are the residents of Moscow are increasingly popular.

The larger battery size, the more effectively it works. For example, for country house lighting installation need cost no more than 150-200 thousand rubles. For a large home - respectively, a large and expensive installation. Snow in the winter to clean the conventional brush and water on the panels are not delayed due to the mounting position, which picks up the master, taking into account conditions on the particular site.


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