100% natural and cost-effective tool that will return the beauty of your skin

A good mask can solve a lot of problems with the skin, if you regularly use it. Many women dream of a youthful and radiant skin, but bad genetics, poor diet, and pollution can accelerate the aging process and harm the skin.

The scars of acne and wrinkles - just a few of what can harm the beauty of our face from an early age; fortunately, and they both can be cured or make virtually invisible, which will return the skin beauty.

Today, many companies in the cosmetics industry create drugs and products that can make the skin more beautiful, that it is not reflected in the premature signs of aging. Unfortunately, most of them are very expensive, so few who can afford them.

There are natural ingredients that stimulate the renewal of skin cells and allow to neutralize the negative impact of the environment and food.

In today's article we want to tell you about the 100% natural and economical mask, which will help you cope with early wrinkles, scars and other skin imperfections.

Mask of hyssop, clay and oatmeal

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) - is a medicinal plant native to the Mediterranean coast, which is used to treat respiratory and digestive disorders

. However, recently it was discovered that he had a very interesting effect on the skin and has astringent and healing properties, and is also able to weaken the traces of acne and reduce some of the early signs of aging.

Combined with oatmeal and clay, it becomes a wonderful cleansing and exfoliating mask that deeply cleanses the skin from imperfections and starts the process of recovery, neutralizing the negative impact of the environment.

With regular use of this mask, you can achieve the following results:

Visibly reduce acne scars.
Reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.
To destroy the bacteria that cause acne (hyssop - a natural antiseptic)
. Deep clean pores.
Get rid of the itching and irritation.
Reduce dark spots and freckles.
Improve blood circulation.
Deep cleanse the skin of dead cells.
How to use this mask?

This mask is very easy to do, it can be used up to two times a week to get the most useful properties of its components.

Hyssop can be purchased in stores or drugstores natural products, it is inexpensive.

You will need:

1 tablespoon dried hyssop (10 g),
1 tablespoon of green clay or kaolin (10 g),
Dining Room 2 tablespoons of oat milk (20 ml).
How to cook it?

Hyssop grind in a mortar to a powder.
Peresyp it in a glass bowl and add to the hot milk oat.
Gradually pour the clay, and the mixture was stirred with a wooden spoon until smooth.
When the mask is slightly thickens and becomes viscous, let it stand for five minutes and apply on face.
How to put it?

It is best to apply this mask before going to bed, then she will care for your skin while you sleep.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities and make-up residues.
Apply the mask with a thin layer all over the face, avoiding the eye area and lips. In these places, the skin is too thin and delicate.
Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes or until it is completely dry, and wash away with warm water.
Apply to the skin a night moisturizer.

In the morning you wake up with a clean, soft and supple skin regeneration process that already has started.

If you prefer to apply a mask in the morning, use a sunscreen after application before going out into the street. In no case do not skip this step, as after using the mask the skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to sunburn.


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