Is important to know about nutrition

The most important thing in the diet - is knowing when you need something to eat - again. Second, individual selection - two third - compatible products. Now we talk about it.

Fruits and vegetables are not compatible.
Vegetables - is the moon, fruit - is the sun. Therefore, if you eat, say, vegetable salad and ate stuff 5 apples. So - once ate. Drill-drill-drill-drill in the belly will. Everything you need to know it.

But if you want to eat fruit, you need to eat before a meal, not after a meal. The juice is drunk as well, before meals.
Generally, all you need to drink fluids before meals. By the way, a terrible habit to fill the digestive fire. People eat, then the cake is brought and put samovar. And she went revelry. Gulls, gulls, gulls, gulls, and all the end of the stomach. Fill the fire.
(Comment from the audience - "We understand that you can not drink after a meal, but I want»)

This is the animal level. The animal is doing what? Take the pig. How many do not throw, it will be there. Here's belly will be healthy, like this already, crack, but will still be there. Understand?

Then this animal consciousness, the human mind is "I have to do everything right." What you want, does not mean that it is necessary that it is correct. Think about it, take a bucket and drink water. Just imagine, you have a process went ... This is purely physiologically understandable. Juices begin to stand out, everything starts to digest, and so you - hop, liter, alum. Belly swells - all and end. And if it takes every day for years, gastritis guaranteed.

(Question from the audience - "And before meals for how long?»)

Before a meal, you can drink water, drink, please. Half An Hour. Or a glass before a meal can just have a drink, then eat, because the water, it passes into the small intestine leaves. And on top of the food is placed. And not vice versa fill food water. And after the meal, you can moisten the esophagus, drink a little, you can, where it is so, a quarter cup, but did not fill. This way, the most bad habit. But who gets off with her, with this habit, you will see that digestion will be different work would be much easier to live.

If you want to eat cake, then eat just one cake. Sit, eat cake. And we have both? First, the first, second, third, and then the cake, and even a little water still flooded. Something has to be one to choose.

SV Serebryakov (Kishori Kishore Das)
From the lecture "Food in ignorance"


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