These two natural ingredients will make your teeth white sand

Methods of natural health and healing of the gums and mouth, as well as the natural bleaching using turmeric and coconut oil.

The first option:

You can simply put the chips of coconut oil in the hollow of the palm (or pour, if the warm and liquid) - Oil is used as a "base" for the pasta. There also pour a third of a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Scoop mixture toothbrush to rub the teeth and gums with this mixture, hold it in the mouth two or three minutes, you can add movement to rinse.

In principle, this is enough, but if you want the usual flavors, you can brush your teeth after your usual toothpaste (now is not that difficult to find pastes and powders for teeth with a natural composition, without lauryl sulfate, fluoride, and other notorious "chemistry»).

The second option:

On 1 table spoon of coconut oil a couple of turmeric capsules (which, roughly, half a teaspoon of powder), melt butter, mix with turmeric and 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil and one drop of clove (pays to check your response to clove ether).

Such a mixture can be kept in the bathroom, in the heat, it does not harden, but not spoiled.

The third option:

1/4 tsp turmeric take 1/8 teaspoon of melted coconut oil, brush our teeth, leave the mixture in the mouth for 2-3 minutes, and then, if desired, clean your usual toothpaste.

Coconut oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties and that extends toxins through the oral mucosa. This yogic tradition hundreds of years, what is called the «coconut pulling», oil rinse.

So mouthwash achieve reduction of tooth sensitivity, improve skin condition, relief from gastritis, there are even reviews on the treatment of angina (ie, all of the antibacterial and health-building properties of coconut oil and all oil rinse).

Sami rinsing conducted courses for 7-10 days, tablespoon of oil is necessary to "drive" from cheek to cheek and make chewing movements.

Well, turmeric, in addition to whitening, local anesthetic and antibacterial properties, also heals the epiphysis (the pineal gland, pineal gland). It is an endocrine organ that is responsible for the synthesis of vital hormones, sleep regulation (sometimes referred to as the depth of sleep and dreams) and for the regulation of immunity.

After the oral mucosa substances are absorbed well. That is why it is so important to avoid the "usual" toothpastes and enjoy the cool tricks like this.

Turmeric helps decalcify, tone up the pineal gland (fluorine and fluorine compounds just contribute to its calcination (ie, the deposition of calcium in her tissues).


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