What is love

And let's race up hills? - He offered her, anticipating victory.
 - Nope. - She refused - The teacher said not to run. Then fall.
 - Chickened out? Give up? - Podnachil he hurt her and laughed.
 - Here's another. - She sniffed and dashed on to the hill. Then they sat in a group, punished, under the supervision of nurses, looked out the window as walking and THER dulis on each other and on the governess.

 - Told you - get - she muttered.
 - I would have definitely surpassed - he sulked
 - - You ran dishonest. I'm not ready ...
 - - And I bet I'm faster than you read? - He offered her.
 - - Hahaha. - She took a bet - This will test the technique of reading and see. If I'm faster - will my portfolio to home and school to carry all week.
 - And if I do - you give me your apples all week! - He agreed. Then he puffed on the road with two rucksacks and muttered:
 - - So what! But you do not remember what you read and write slowly. Bet? ..
 - And let's play. - He suggested
 - - As if I were a knight, and you as if lady.
 - Fool. - Somehow offended it.
 - Poor? - He laughed
 - - Beginner embarrassed at the sight of me? And a fool not to call names too weak.
 - - And nothing weak. - She was led - Then that's what. You do not call too stupid and protect.
 - Of course - he nodded - And you tell me you solve algebra. Not knighthood this business.
 - Do you write me works. - She giggled
 - Lying and write - just chivalrous thing. And then he was justified in the phone:
 - And it was not necessary to conduct himself like a fool. Then no one would be a fool not called. Incidentally, I apologized immediately ...

 - You'll be able to play in love with me man? - She asked
 - With difficulty. - He replied sarcastically - I know you too well. And what happened?
 - At the party invited. And one does not want to go. Will offer all
 - Nuu ... I did not even know he drawled.
 - Poor? - Podnachila it.
 - And nothing weak - he took the offer - With your pack of cigars, by the way.
 - For what? - Did not understand it.
 - Escort now roads, - he threw up his hands. And on the way home, he muttered: - Play in love, play the lover. And she thrashes in the face for no reason ... Loving the way kissing usually climb:

 - What is it? - She asked.
 - Ring. Is not it obvious? - He mumbled.
 - Nibelungen? Power? Some new game afoot?
 - -Ugu. Come to play husband and wife - he blurted
 - - We need to think - she nodded.
 - Poor? - Podnachil it.
 - And nothing weak - she drawled - And we do not flirt?
 - Yes divorce if that. Business somehow. - He chuckled. And then he was justified:
 - How do I know how offers are made? Well I suggest for the first time. Well, you want to try again? I'm not weak.

 - Play your parents? - She suggested.
 - Bring It On. In my or yours? - He agreed
 - - Fool. In the parents' own child. Weak?
 - Wow, how - he thought - not weaker, of course, but it's hard, I suppose.
 - - Giving up? - Upset she
 - No, no. When did I give in to you? The game, of course - he decided.


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