15 Obvious signs that your colleagues Secretly Hate

According to the popular expression, a person does not ducat to please everyone. Distribution is usually conditional on relations with colleagues. Someone we love and willing to communicate with them, others frankly do not like. However, it also happens that a person takes up arms against one almost the whole team - "sacrifice" are beginning to hate quietly, not giving in this kind

. To be in such a situation, everyone can, according to an expert on relationships at work Tori Taylor. However, there are some simple ways to recognize the negative attitude of colleagues.

< They do not smile

If colleagues stop smiling as soon as you enter the room, or in principle, do not exhibit positive emotions when you should be guarded. Of course, we do not take into account situations where everyone in a bad mood, for example, because of wage arrears.

They do not look into the eyes

When talking with your colleagues, avoid eye contact, most likely, they do not feed you good feelings.

"The interviewee could hide his eyes because he was afraid of being caught, suspects that in the eyes, you can guess his hostility", - says Tori Taylor


They are spreading rumors and gossip

Of course, it is unprofessional and unworthy of adult behavior. But, nevertheless, sometimes these situations arise, warns Tori Taylor.

By the way, are a group of gossips "toxic people", which should be avoided. How dangerous communicate with these characters and what other character types included in the list, can be found here.

They do not notice

This feature may be manifested in different ways. For example, this: you come to work, but no one tells you "good morning". Or in the evening, when all leave the office, no one in no hurry to tell you "good night." This may indicate that the colleagues you just do not like, so try not to notice.

These little talk with you

Imagine you're interested colleagues on the progress of a project, and they always answer in one word: "good", "normal", "good" and do not enter into the conversation. This means that people deliberately show their disdain and reluctance to make contact.

They express negative on "body languageĀ»

Another expert on relationships at work, Michael Kerr believes that the hostile attitude of colleagues diagnose possible gestures, which they use to communicate with you. This may be, for example, his arms crossed during a call. Or a situation where people imitate employment (hard swarming in securities or stare at the monitor) for your appearance.

They do not invite

If colleagues will never call you to dinner together or, for example, join the conversation over a cup of coffee, this is a sure sign that you do not want to.

They avoid living communion

If colleagues communicate with you only by correspondence in the mail or through different messengers, even when you are sitting very close, it is also a bad sign. This situation means one thing - people do not want to go to a real contact and start a live conversation


They are constantly disagree with you

All your ideas, no matter how wonderful they are, notch colleagues in the bud. "Another good sign - your colleagues deliberately did not agree with you and say" no "even before you've finished the sentence," - said the expert Michael Kerr


You do not ask personal questions

If you notice that between a colleague constantly talking about families, children, and plans for the holidays, and you pass by these questions, then there is reason to think. Perhaps colleagues do not show absolutely no interest because you are annoying them.

They do not allow you into their conversation

All around joking and laughing, you're in one sitting on the sidelines and do not take in a conversation with the participation of colleagues. And, most importantly, no one is trying to get you into this conversation. According to Michael Kerr, it's enough to think about whether or not you are a member of the team.

They steal your ideas

Lay the pig can any man, but if you notice that his colleagues are constantly trying to cheat you and steal your idea - it is an occasion to reflect. Perhaps, in this way they are trying to simply survive you from the company.

They ordered you

Sometimes it happens so that counterparts are beginning to play with you in the boss. Not having the right to do, they give instructions, orders and criticize you for your mistakes. Thus, according to Michael Kerr, people try


They do not invite you to their company

To reflect on the goodwill of colleagues is also the case if they are divided into certain groups of companies, but none of them have not got.

Your intuition says that they do not like you

If you constantly do not leave you feeling that your colleagues do not have for you a warm feeling, perhaps there is some truth to the inner voice, and worth considering. If the inner voice cries out every month on this subject louder, should begin seriously to look closely to those around you at work.

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