15 foods that can be eaten, even at night

There is quite a popular way to lose weight, which is used by those who do not want to bother with complicated diets: do not eat after six o'clock in the evening. Or seven, as you like. The main thing - do not load up before going to bed. < Website publishes a list of foods that you can eat and after six, and after ten ... when you want. They are low in calories and useful enough to affect any diet exclusively positive.

1. GribySami own mushrooms are not that high-calorie. If boil them rather than frying oil in a large amount, and it does dietary product. And no, they are not heavy on the stomach, but we used to feed them with a large number of different ingredients that all together really create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

2. Vegetable caviar Vegetable Caviar home cooking, there is absolutely nothing harmful. Select the option of your choice - mushroom, squash, eggplant. Vegetable caviar in any case, will turn out very tasty and nourishing.

3. MalinaLyubimuyu berries can be eaten even after 18:00. As for calories, they are very small, but useful features galore. The raspberries contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that improve skin condition and normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract.

4. TreskaBelaya fish is classified as a health food. One of the most useful for human health - a cod. This fish contains vitamins and valuable elements that come only benefit by strengthening the immune system and normalize the work of many organs.

5. KukuruzaKukuruza - is not only useful but also very tasty product. Preference should be given not canned, and cooked corn. It takes excess cholesterol from the body and prevents the accumulation of fat reserves. So if the day you ate something heavy and banned, in the evening, stop your choice on corn.

6. NektarinyNe not abandon nectarines, despite the fact that the fruit is not particularly recommended to eat in the afternoon. In nectarines high concentration of fiber, which, on the contrary, contribute to the acceleration of metabolism and prevents the accumulation of fat.

7. Apricot apricots 100 grams contains only 42 calories. Therefore, between the chocolate, biscuit and apricot fruit is worth choosing.

8. RepaRepu we so often ignore. And for good reason. This is a very useful vegetable, which must be in the diet. Turnip effectively cleanses the body, strengthens the immune system and charges the body with energy. And it falls into the category of dietary products.

9. TykvaOranzhevaya beauty will not harm your figure. Pumpkin can be cooked, perhaps, the greatest amount of healthy dishes. This cream soup and mashed potatoes, and a salad.

10. KapustaAbsolyutno all kinds of cabbage are rich in B vitamins, which are involved in all important processes in the human body. And cabbage is a dietary product. Therefore, it is ideal for dinner.

11. KambalaVot another useful fish, which can and should be there after 18:00. The butt contains methionine. The beneficial properties of this material lies in the fact that it is able to break down fats.

12. KiviKivi - it is simply an indispensable product for those who want to lose weight. Kiwi helps the body break down and burn fat, relieves heaviness in the stomach and normalizes water-salt balance.

13. SeldereySelderey - a product with negative calorie. This means that the body spends a lot of energy to digest it. Therefore, for the evening meal, he is perfect.

14. GrushaEsli hungry, then eat an apple? No preference is to give a pear. After the apple appetite breaks out with a bang, but juicy pear perfectly quench hunger. And the calories in it even less.

15. SveklaSvekla is classified as essential ingredients. It helps regulate fat metabolism, thus preventing obesity. A nice bonus: useful beets in any form. So you can experiment - cook, bake or eat them raw

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