What you need to know when choosing an infant formula?

Choose artificial infant formula for infants is necessary after prior consultation pediatricians. But even if the physician has given you their recommendations, you should remember a few important points.

What you need to know when choosing an infant formula?

The first point is that the products should correspond to the age of your child. Learn the necessary data you can, having studied the information on the packaging. If your little one - well and happy, please be highly adapted formula. Studying the composition before purchasing costs in any case. For you will be important information about calorie, the number of components of the composition of the product.

The desired ingredient in infant formula is taurine. Do not fear that he is included, for example, in energy drinks. Thanks to this useful amino acid, strengthens the immune system works better digestion. Preferred carnitine and linoleic acid.

As the baby growth, it is necessary to choose the other mixtures. But it's best if they will produce the same company as for the first months of life baby.

Improper infant formula - which features

? If your child's problems with weight gain or colic present, he became irritable and lethargic, the trouble reason may be unsuitable for feeding mixture. In addition, in this case, the baby can sleep badly, capricious, worrying. Chance frequent stools and allergic reactions, insomnia. Naturally, all of the above symptoms can talk about what your child's other health problems.

But at the first suspicion that the reason is improper mixture of it should be discarded. To accustom the crumbs to a new diet should be gradually, watching his reaction about a few weeks. If you can not find a suitable power supply, refer to the pediatrician again. With a wide range of modern children's products, to find a healthy and necessary solution for the diet crumbs always possible. Try to choose the goods proven brands.


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