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dedicated T.D.CH.

You know, Kid, this strange life - is nonsense. Just privychka.Obydenna and monotone. Mosque memory for ghost towns and picture freezes on the screen ... We know, dear, blame the fool-destiny? Forget it, it is worth to think about it? Disappeared in lead rain your St. Petersburg, scary stranger grinned, "my" Manhattan ... a lot of us, a lot of ... Army rather the crowd ... The world of exclamations, parentheses and dots ... Hold on, honey ... you know, those who fell, no longer rise ... Sami zabem, zaplyuёm, trample!
Like brothers and sisters ... But who is our brother? Army. Brad crowd ... hugging, kid, not with anyone ... Strange life - synonymous to "take" the word? Dim, evil as gray lantern on the Nevsky.
Ghost Town ... warm. And your. And mine. Life plundered ... Huns, Scythians, Khazars, Hittites ... "Brothers and Sisters" ... With cholera, smallpox, plague - in your Petersburg, baring in "my" Manhattan ...
You know, Kid, this strange life - trouble! It seems to be a mystery, but its meaning is imprecise. Mosque memory for ghost towns ... Soon to score, zaplyuyut, trampled ...
Soon zatochat ... brothers and sisters ... their knives will soon be over, our siesta with you ... You know, for the sake of it still worth living - in a strange city and good. Warm.
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