1848 - Creation of Russian censorship committee. Actually, not much before that itched for a simple reason - weakly believed, I think, in the power of the printed word. Again, the illiteracy of the population. However, in the mid-19th century, Europe is beginning to boil, any harmful filth starts after moving across the border to reopen the minds of immature. And in a country already restless. And Nicholas I commanded to establish a special committee. At first, it led Prince Menshikov, and from April 14 - Count Buturlin. And he uzho off in full. Saltykov-Shchedrin drove to Vyatka, Turgenev - in Spassky Lutovinovo. Ridicule is not only freshly printed. but that was issued before the creation of the committee. A man was thoroughly Buturlin. I managed to find even in the Gospel motives turmoil and democracy. Many, including "Literary Gazette", had to be closed. So the tradition of Count laid thoroughly. It was then someone to be

1929 - The first Grand Prix of Monte Carlo. In that race came in Monaco, the great merit of the president of the Grand Prix Anthony Noesa. Clearly, the local monarch, Prince Louis II of, quite indifferent to the sport in general and racing in particular, also attach to the event. Formula I did not yet exist, this Grand Prix was conducted as a separate competition. The first winner among the sixteen who took part in the race was on Williams «Bugatti 35B». He represented the team «Molsheim». At present, within two towns remained "formulicheskimi" race - Singapore and Monte Carlo. The track in the principality - the slowest (average speed - 152 km / h), the narrow and dangerous. And it is a good test on pilot skill and the ability to make the correct settings of the car. Since the power of the engine is relegated to the background.
Great late Senna liked this track


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