1934 - Completion evacuation Schmidt expedition. People rescued, seven pilots who took part in the rescue, including the future of the detachment commander Kamanin astronauts awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union - and for just a simple fliers, even polar explorers, the title would not be dosed. The question - and for how Makar they needed to land on an ice floe, and because icebreakers in the Union at that time was decent, and the freighter "Chelyuskin" (and there, for a moment, and babies born on the ship were) they are accompanied
. But how often it happens - in life there is always a feat. When ambition climb bubbles through his nose - but do not care lives.
North Country was needed, the Arctic, it is necessary to prove that the Soviet Union is quite able to cope with the development. In the two years before that Otto Schmidt was able to pass along the Northern Sea Route - from the White Sea to the Barents - a single navigation. There are, however, part of the way under sail were, because the screw has broken - did not rain cabotage. Terms childish. Schmidt was appointed chief of the NSRA.
And in August 1933, he moved from Murmansk to Vladivostok. Although the ship's captain Voronin drvlno skeptical about the technical characteristics of the vessel and the freshly pointed out in the report that it is not suitable for navigation in ice, but oh stuff it all. To all, "Chelyuskin" was heavily overloaded.
At the first collision with the ice 15 August poluchmlo vessel damage. Do not worry - "Krasin" trodden path. Too narrow, however. As has been widely "Chelyuskin" for passage, clears the "Krasin". But somehow squeezed.
However, despite the above, the expedition did manage to get on November 4 to the Bering Strait. Before clean water - a stone's throw. Located next to the icebreaker "Litke" offered to pave the track. Schmidt refused, thinking that he could do it yourself. The same evening, the cargo ship was demolished in the interior of the ice fields. It would seem - yell SOS. But Shidt waiting 10 days. What? Ambition ...
When the request was given between "Litke" and "Chelyuskin" was a multi-year ice field. His icebreaker could not pass.
Then - clamped, pinned, crack on the side of 30 meters, landing on an ice floe, the Commission for the rescue. On the ice floe, however, be prepared in advance, it moved quickly. And a failed conversion, in fact, the expedition in triumph - "able to overcame the Arctic and blah blah blah»
. And in an amicable way - but even so before the strait mayakni, say, run, guys. That's all. Yes, of ditenka newborn - surveying expedition Vasiliev went to swimming with his pregnant wife. Same question for the still. In the Arctic

Otto Schmidt


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