The bride was married in a wedding dress mom and grandmother

This beautiful bride named Julie Kane (Julia Cain), and on the day of her wedding, she had several reasons as to glow with happiness. After Julia's wedding dress once worn in your most important day of her grandmother and mother.

Back in 1953 Grandma Phyllis got married in this dress, and 30 years later, her daughter, Susan, has given a new life together.

As Julia says, the first time she tried on a dress in 16 years. When a loved one had proposed to her, then she decided to continue the family tradition.

The bride decided to slightly modify the dress: removed the sleeves, neckline to alter and add a ribbon belt. It turned out just great!

It is symbolic that the altar Julia led her grandfather Harold - exactly the same once he went to him, along with his daughter, and even earlier - with his beloved wife


"I could not be happier that day, everything was just perfect! And although my mother never forced to marry her in a dress, I'm really glad we put this idea into practice! "- Julia says




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