20 Daring brides who have decided to go for broke

Wedding day - one of the most memorable in my life. For the bride this is the day when all the relatives and friends will admire her beauty, and the first thing they will notice - it is stunning white dress. But, apparently, not all brides are experiencing due to the dress - the ladies of this collection, it seems, even thought the selection, otherwise how to explain the misunderstanding

A great way to save on waiters ?

She was so happy that now burst

Let's hope her husband will support her better

Pimp My Ride: wedding version

Once upon a time she took a compliment "doll" too close to the heart

I swear, we marry for love. Why these questions about the green card?

On the wings of love

When marrying a clown

And once any questions and doubts

It reminds nedostrizhennogo poodle

First wedding Barbie

, Clearly, she is very shy to show his shoulders

It must be a very interesting person

All the money went on a honeymoon

That's what brings passion Mortal Kombat

You're just not move the next seven hours or so

So it looks like a wedding judges

When the husband is nothing but the sport is still the world

But he damn proud

Does anyone objects to this marriage? All, all those present. B>

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