I'm leaving, I'm sorry

< Svetlana Andronicus-Shimanovskaya

No parties, kissing, stockings, gloves.
On the sand away almost a visible imprint of my feet,
Sea salt farewell squeaks on the teeth, but the gulls
The severity of air once niskolechko not sad.
Horizon amber sad asleep on a smooth surface,
sad reflection of the sea, that gloomy, but golden,
Horizon finally today neobychaen.
Time salt, sand, quiet sadness pours out handfuls,
Disappears, passes, and fades rainbow perceptions ...
That you rise - agreed to go to the Crucifixion,
And now from the reckoning none of us escape.
I'm leaving ... I'm sorry ...

Amid the grandeur of the dunes, dunes me become a trial is futile.
I hovered in captivity, but she could not become captivity.
I asked for religion, let it be flowed through the veins
Instead of blood water, so without pain to be able to humbly
Being feminine happy afterwards without scarring.
Dying in you not tremble - just leave off,
Do not get sick, desperate words of erecting walls,
Not tears of the universe and think, and that you are with me comprehended?
I'm tired of running and falling into the sand or snow face,
Being dependent, air your gasping mouth.
I'm afraid not to know yourself somewhere in the end of the road ...
I'm leaving, I'm sorry ...


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