"How I loved the photo again"


Dear Photo!

You existed long before I first picked up a camera, and no doubt will exist after my last shot. You are inextricably linked with our lives, so I, like many others, love you.

< But this letter is not about why I love photography, and how I opened myself because of your art, and about how I stopped loving you.

In 2011, I had serious health problems, I spent a lot of time at home, and to while away the hours, I downloaded Instagram currently. At the time I did not fond of you professionally and use their profile to only friends and acquaintances, throwing off household footage from your phone.

I'm not interested in the cool pictures, it can be said to have lived in some domestic ignorant. Only when I came across a popular pages, I realized how much this vast world really is. And I realized that I wanted to be a part of this world.

Since I devoted every spare minute to study you. I wandered for days on the internet, looking at camera, I can not afford, the city in which, most likely, I have never been, and photographers, the glory which I had never attain.

I was coming on the weekend, and I went out to explore the world, armed with their iPhones. I was sure that the time will come when I will become master of his craft. I was 14, and I, like most people my age, hoping that I have a great future.

< I remember the moment when I scored 1,000 subscribers in Instagram.

That was in 2012. There was a chemistry lesson, told about a covalent bond.
I lost my focus and looked at the phone and updated the page in instagrame: number 999 turned into 1000.

For me it was proof that something I'm good.

Yes, this moment was really important to me, but not because it was proof of my success. < I have achieved success in a social network, but was not successful in the photos. But then I did not understand it.

I was just in seventh heaven, knowing that my work is really appreciated. And my enthusiasm only grew with each new subscriber. Each picture was better than the last, and the comments and likes more and more.

< But one day they were gone ...

People put "Like", only if the photograph was a sunset or a kitten.

I received a lot of promotional offers about socks, watches, cases, lenses and other stuff. Sellers did not matter as I photograph, the main thing that I was popular. I felt that a few of my subscribers really watching my work. < And then I stopped to photograph. Just. I just forgot about you.

For months I did not take off. I was no longer attracted to you. Why shoot something, if people do not appreciate this?

I had a hard time, but because of this I looked differently at you. I found that when I shoot aimlessly, without intent to post the picture, my heart starts beating faster. < I realized that now I look at you as a means of expression and not as a means of getting attention.

Now I do not feel the need to always something to spread on the Internet and earning huskies. Now I place the pictures simply because they want to show that inspires me, and in turn, I hope to inspire others. I make photographs for yourself and feel the freedom.

With love, Owen Veytzel.

via www.shutterstock.com/ru/pic-347511500/stock-photo-photographer-standing-on-a-pier-near-a-pond-in-a-foggy-autumn-morning.html?src=arKZdKTtP88krxfa5nf32w-5-86


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