The poses and gestures, which should be avoided

All of the following gestures and postures have a different interpretation. but they have one thing in common: showing them, you make a negative impression

. Poses:

Hands on hips - aggressive posture

. Crossed arms on his chest - protection posture

. Hands are joined below the waist (football position) - the protection posture, weakness

. Hand wraps his other hand behind his back - fear, excitement

. Hands in pockets - stealth, nervousness

. Leans back in his chair - a clear disagreement with the opinion of the interlocutor



Gestures index finger - a gesture guilty

. Exposed thumb - an expression of superiority, contemptuous attitude

. Fist - a hostile gesture, aggressive mood

. Touching the mouth or other parts of the face during a call - provides the excitement, people can find you insincere

. Touching your ear to your mouth or throat, when you listen to - a gesture of doubt and disagreement with the interlocutor

. The poses and gestures, which should be avoided


What should not show a face:

Taken eyebrows - it's not a business, as many think, facial expression, and the gloomy, unfriendly

. Strongly raised eyebrows - because you express surprise and doubt, unwillingness to communicate, the situation

. Yawning - and everything is clear - you bored

. What to do if you notice the interlocutor gestures that speak of no confidence to you or does not agree with your opinion? For example, crossed his arms (closed stance)?

You need to change the course of the conversation. To start your interlocutor post something in his hands (card, tea, pen, samples of goods sold by you). When the hands are no longer closed, you will have a chance to rectify the situation in your favor. It is also often seen as a gesture linked fingers. This gesture speaks about disagreement or dissatisfaction.

There are two versions of "finger grip" gesture: the first variant of hands clasped and his elbows are located on opposite faces (maximum protection), the second - his hands are on the table (minimum protection)

. If you see the first version of "finger grip" gesture, it is not necessary to convince the person that they are right, or to insist on, the result will not be.

If you need to achieve positive results in understanding, to make so that the man parted his fingers and took a more open posture.


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