6 tips: how to make a long-term relationship exciting

When it comes to long-term relationships with a partner we decide how to maintain the thrill of love, and to deepen our sense of passion and intimacy. Doing this means avoiding certain behaviors, habits and pitfalls that couples usually fall when the long stay together. The fight for the relationship means to remain in your own way and at the same time be close to someone else. Here are six tips to help couples endure the test of time.

1) Make sure that you spend time together happily

The ability to laugh with each other is a true sign of vitality in the relationship. It is important to be able to experience the joy together. A sense of humor helps to smooth out the corners when our interactions become stormy. Being able to laugh at our shortcomings and our partners can turn us against unreasonable drum and keep our relationship alive.


2) Be open to new experiences

When the relationship becomes more intimate, couples often run the risk of drifting apart, closing to new experiences or restricting each other in a certain way. Love does not exist in a vacuum. Pay attention to what makes your partner happy, his interests, and be careful not to take steps that will limit his happiness.

3) shows his love

To say "I love you" is less important than showing your love for someone. Show excitement when you see each other, to find time to just talk. Small tokens, keep hands and eye contact, easily lost in everyday routine duties, but they can be the key to keeping love.

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4) do not lose their individuality

Losing yourself in love is one of the most serious threats to maintain intimacy. The proximity with someone does not mean losing your personality or the loss of respect for your personality. Couples should try to complement and support each other in an effort to become himself instead of merging together to become someone else. Appreciate the unique interests of his partner.

5) Open dialog

Invitation to open communication and receptiveness to dialogue, can help us to overcome the real obstacles in our relations. Instead of making excuses or to attack when partner leads his arguments, we need to find a grain of truth in what he says feel. You should strive to be direct and honest with their own feelings and the feelings of the partner.


6) Be generous

Show your appreciation, even if it is difficult for you. When it comes to the natural return in a relationship, it is important not to keep score. Be generous to each other - it does not allow to fade away your relationship.


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