Kinesiological test - specificity of the method

Kinesiological test

One of the areas in the muscle diagnostics, based on the ancient Chinese method of acupuncture. The methodology considers the human body as an integrated balanced system. The doctor used to diagnose the disease kinesiological test, must have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, have developed their own system of kinesthetic perception.

A doctor with special diagnostic measures determine the imbalance between the chemical, physical, energy and mental side of the human health.

The specificity of the method

The method is based on the assumption that the primary weakness of muscles - an indicator that appears in the body of infection, disease or disorder of its balance sheet. Having defined muscle tone, the doctor gets information about his health condition.

Kinesiological test starts with checking the tone of the infraspinatus muscle, located in the area of ​​the blade. A person can not consciously control this muscle, so the pressure on the arm bent at right angles to the patient's doctor will determine its condition and this makes the initial findings of the patient's health. Previously the patient takes a bent arm called nosodes - a copy of the information of different viruses, pathologies bodies. Upon contact with the sample, to which the patient has a problem, the arm is weakening, in other cases, its tone remains unchanged.

After determining the cause of the patient's ailment, the doctor using the same technique selects the parameters of creating homeopathic preparation (production time, frequency of administration, dosage).

Diagnosis kinesiology method together with the collection of history in less than an hour. Subsequent to stimulate the body to recovery with the help of homeopathy takes about ten days to a month, after which the required readmission or a few extra visits to the doctor. The treatment regimen prescribed regularly consulted a homeopath, repeated testing and observing the dynamics of the patient's condition. If necessary, a correction is made therapeutic schedule.

In recent years, are beginning to use popularity kinesiology tests in the fitness industry, where with the help of which is determined by the possibility of the patient's admission to the studies, the ability to take on these or other loads.

The diseases to be diagnosed by testing kinesiology:

Infectious diseases;


Dizziness, migraine, hypertension, hypotension;

Metabolic disorders, obesity;

Difficulties with the definition of the disease etiology;

Skin diseases;

Gynecological problems;

Illnesses of the digestive tract, including psychosomatic.

Advantages of kinesiology test:

Compatible with any treatments;

Refers to the body's own reserves;

It detects not only physiological, but also psychological and emotional problems;

It makes no restrictions for use in children, pregnant women, elderly patients.

In Russia, with the help of kinesiology diagnostics testing is widely used by doctors - homeopaths. Among patients the method has both supporters and opponents.

Important! Kinesiological test makes it impossible to put a definitive diagnosis, it can be required by other means (ultrasound tests).

The method is completely harmless and can be used even for children from one year, but will give real results only if the high professionalism of the doctor and the presence of his knowledge and experience.


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