Kinesiological test: Find out what it takes health, and gives energy

With the concept of stress we face in our daily life. George Gerhart, the founder of kinesiology, identified three areas of stress influence on the organism: the psyche, the metabolism and the movement apparatus.

At the level of mental stress leads to mental blockade off the front parts of the brain responsible for creative activity, informed decisions, and included posterior – more ancient (the struggle for survival, the reaction of "fight or flight").


It is very good when we drive our cars at a speed of 160 km/h and in front of us flashing brake lights. We don't have to think about the situation, to approach the problem creatively, it is necessary to press on the brakes!

The problem is that stress our body can be the most ordinary life situations, which means that the brain is almost constantly set of survival or escape, but not to creative activity.

At the University of Washington developed a scale of stress, where the holiday is equal in effects on the body to a serious quarrel with her husband. On good and bad news, our body responds the same way, any event can block our energy, to take back the power, influence health.

At the level of metabolism any drink or food product can how to strengthen our health and take away energy. Kinesiological test can pick up the individual program of a healthy diet.

At the level of the musculoskeletal system and muscle stress leads to incorrect movement stereotypes, persistent pain in the back and joints that do not respond well to any treatments. Very often stress causes changes in muscle tone, so if you want to communicate something very unpleasant, then please sit down: under stress there is a weakness in the legs. Built on it and kinesiological test.


According to the principle of the lie detector, we can test the body's reaction to any impact, and it will be individual, only your, but it is absolutely objective response.

There are two types of test on the deltoid muscle and the so-called ring gap. They both allow you to check the reaction of your muscles and therefore the body as a whole, on a variety of stimuli. If muscle tone is not changed – test is negative, and if the muscle tone is weakened – this stimulus robs you of energy and is not suitable for you.

You can inspect the products and drugs, and reaction to events and even other people and find out what it takes health and gives energy. Changing diet and reducing stress, we'll finally be able to get that extra energy, which is often lacking for the realization of our cherished plans, which are postponed "for later" can be more than one year!


Kinesiology: the SECRET of health and youth,If you Wake up at night at this time, then you may have problems

The test can be performed to prevent the development of diseases and the syndrome of burnout if you experience lack of energy and sleep disturbances, mood swings, anxiety and spinal disorders, allergies and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. published


Author: Yuri Smirnov




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