Toxic insults to the power of the father

For the girl's father - the most important person in my life. This is her first image of a man, on the basis of which it is in the future will choose their husband. Therefore, an insult to the father can influence the life of an adult woman and make their own adjustments to it.

Before we talk about the possible consequences of the offense, it is necessary to make one important action, without which further conversation is simply meaningless. Namely, at least admit yourself that your father ever hurt you, and you have not forgiven him for it.

In fact, many women sincerely believe that they have offended the Pope not at all, and in the course of the work is that his father almost did not pay attention to them as a child, is not interested in their problems, I did not participate in life. Only by applying psychological practice, bringing them back into the past, it revives bygone pain, and becomes aware of resentment at her father.

So if your first thought when reading this article was: "This is not about me," then I strongly recommend you do not hurry up and think well. From this still depends on your future fate.

And now let's see what the consequences may result in injury to the father, if she was not forgiven:

1. Insult to inattention

If Dad gave my daughter a little time, attention, love and care, it is a child feels nedolyublennosti. Since a young age, she will seek to compensate for this love of the male attention, which will be available to her. As a rule, this is an early love, passion, passion. Subconsciously, she longs to prove to myself that it is for that love that she is worthy of this, although the girl in it and do not believe. And who knows, to what will bring such searches cherished love ...

The psychological trauma inflicted by the behavior of the Pope to make a girl to be afraid of being alone, and it will be ready to be with anyone, just not the same.

Should we talk about peace, tranquility and happiness of the women? The only thing that can bring it out of the vicious circle - the forgiveness of his father, a sincere acceptance of his such what he was or is.

2. Insult cruelty

If my father was cruel to her daughter or her mother, then the girl in the shower since childhood accumulated anger at his father, which naturally turns into a deadly insult.

Than it is fraught? The fact that an adult woman, wishing to find a man - the exact opposite of his dad, will still attract into your life cruel men

. Why? Because in her subconscious mind formed the image of the first man's life - her father. This what it was. A conscious woman feels fear at the thought that her husband would be a cruel man.

This fear of the influence of the subconscious image only increases, and the universe throws her husband "prototype" of his father. This will continue for as long as she did not forgive him.

Such is the destructive power of resentment toward her father.

3. Resentment at restricting freedom

Or excessive care. That is the point - the exact opposite of the first, which we have already discussed. In this case, the woman longs to quickly get rid of this care and breathe, finally free.

What this usually leads? In addition, it is very long can not find a mate, because subconsciously she does not want this. It strives for independence and freedom.

Whether it promises her a woman's happiness? It is unlikely. Therefore, the only way to rebuild their lives - to release a grudge against his father for forgiveness with the help of

. All roads lead to forgiveness. Therefore, you can decide whether to live on with the offense in the heart or is it forgiven.

Author: Julia Kravchenko


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