LESSONS OF HAPPINESS from the smallest:

● Live in the present.
Probably saw a picture every: child plays, falls, scrapes his knee, begins to choke tears, and a moment later, having forgotten about his bruises again rejoice, rejoice and laugh. Children do not hold on to their negative emotions, they can easily let them go and continue to enjoy life. Adults are people continue to think about the bad, even when it is left far behind.
You can not live in the past. Our life - this is what is happening here and now. "Yesterday" is already dead, "tomorrow" has not yet been born, you have only "today" to feel, to live, to think, to enjoy, to change something, etc. You can not be happy until you learn to appreciate the moment.
● Focus on the good.
When a child plays, he's happy. He is passionate about his toys and does not think about anything else, which is why in the process he gets so much fun. In adults, unfortunately, everything is different. Even having fun with friends, many continue to think about the unfinished project of unpaid bills, problems with neighbors, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to forget about the troubles to get the full enjoyment of life. Oh poor you can always think later.

● Use your imagination.
Children are constantly using all their imagination. They do not limit themselves to the room where they play, they appear to dragons, castles, treasury, and Prince and Princess. Therefore, their game is so fun and interesting. Those who over the years have forgotten how to use their imagination, are closed to new opportunities. They still remain in an empty room. And those who think creatively and get locks.

● Believe that the impossible is possible.
For children there is nothing impossible. They are infinitely believe in themselves and their abilities. They think that if they desire to even be able to learn to fly. It is a pity that growing up, many people forget about it. People will try to stick. Think of yourself small, remember that nothing is impossible.

● Do not get hung up on age.
Children never think about their age, they think ahead of them forever. For adults the same age is very important. He serves them a good excuse. They are more can not afford only because of their own fears, but they are deceiving themselves hackneyed phrase: "It's too late." Remember, never for anything not too late.

● Rejoice often.
Children so often smile and laugh because they know how to find joy in the little things. They delight when they see a butterfly, having fun jumping over puddles, enjoying the usual ice cream. Children take from life only what is good. Never cursed his fate. Better to tell her thank you for all the wonderful, what happens to you.

● Be kind to people and trust them.
Children are open and trusting to all who surround them. They do not want any harm and do not think that someone might harm them. Adults are often cruel, even with close friends. They can hurt, to refuse aid to offend. As they grow older, people acquire another negative quality - suspicion. Many people think that everything has a bad intentions.
It is impossible to be a happy man if you are constantly hurting others and expect the same in his response. Kindness and love - these are the two main components of happiness.

● Believe in your dream.
Children absolutely sure that all their wishes fulfilled and do not doubt it for a second. You can repeat as many boy who dreamed of becoming an astronaut, it is very difficult and dangerous profession, but it is all the same will not listen to you. While he certainly knows his dream will come true and is doing everything to bring this moment - reading books about spaceships, studying the stars, exercising to improve their health, etc. Adults who are too burdened with unnecessary worries and they often do not have the time on their own dreams and desires. Faced with the first obstacle, they refuse on what to strive for a long time


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