The parable of the wise wife.

Lived an ordinary-looking peasant family. Husband and wife. And they are doing that apples grown in her garden, and in the fall selling them. Meanwhile lived.
And then one year it happened that a farmer was unwell and could not in time to harvest. Many apples to bend. But to do nothing. Not selling the harvest, the family will not survive. And because the farmer has collected all rotten in the cart and going to the market to sell. Blessed his loving wife and said that everything will be fine. From the farmer and drove off.
And along the way he meets a merchant. And seeing that he was going on his way to the peasant market, and its wagon full of rotten apples.
Marveled at the merchant and says:
 - What are you, fool doing? Are you taking to market rotten apples, you have the same nobody will buy!
 - Yes, I know, the merchant - meets the farmer. - But that's nothing to do, sell the necessary, and then we die with his wife.
 - Yes-ah, here you will get from his wife, when you with anything from the market return. With guts will eat!
 - Oh, merchant, for this, do not worry. My wife is golden. She loves me and accepts any.
 - But this does not happen, man! - Meets the merchant.
 - Even as it happens! Gold I have a wife!
Then the merchant offered to bet:
 - Here come bet. Now we come to your house and say that apples are rotten and no one bought, and that winter will not live on that. If your wife is really such, as you say, then you win - I'll give you this one purse with gold, not one winter enough. And if it turns out you're lying, and your wife maintains self scandal you, I won and take your horse and cart. Hand?
 - A bargain!
So they returned to the peasant home. On the threshold he says to his wife upset:
 - Wife, trouble! Not sold apples! Poor winter will be!
 - What are you, my dear. What are you talking about. You're back, and it's good. Yes, and a guest with you. That's the joy! Go through, go and tired of the way and hungry? Now wash will file and the table is set. Relax and eat.
So she quickly carries a jug of water to wash, towel supplies, puts the table. Marvels merchant, but think to myself that this circus in front of strangers. Thinks: "Stay here a little longer, she will fall through!" And they sit at the table, the wife of a peasant caring for them, all lit with joy, and the merchant from time to time conversation translates into unsold harvest, and how they will live the winter.
A farmer's wife all the time he responds:
 - Arrange everything somehow, will live! Now the important thing is that my husband and his guest was well.
Marvels merchant even more. For a long time they sat. In the end, the merchant realized that lost the argument.
Pulls out his purse and says:
 - Yes, I've seen a lot in this world, but such gold wives as you have never seen before. Rights were you. Here's your money and live happily ever after! With that and took his leave.
But for the men and science - the love and forgiveness of a woman doing wonders.
Energy woman is such that it is capable of a power of his thoughts to correct any mistake men, even fatal. Able to make it back alive from the war, even if everyone believes that this is impossible. A woman is able to predict and suggest a man right out and correct decision.
And on many capable woman, what a man can not dream.
And the only force that reveals a woman all these great opportunities - is Love.


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