Cheat old age, why some people in the 70 blown dance floors, while others barely walk

Man, throughout the history of its existence pursued a reasonable question - "how to cheat old age." What scientists have put their lives on the creation of the "elixir of youth", not to mention all those "Rejuvenating APPLE" and "living water" in folk tales.

Today, free from superstition and taught by experience, each has a different level of trying to resolve this issue. On stem cell research and the search for the aging gene spent billions. True effect until it gives ...

No, of course, in the next few paragraphs you will read about the miraculous way to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of old age. But you'll find out why some people are in their 70 blown dance floors, to conquer the world theatrical stage, causing the viewer a lot of emotions, travel the world, and the other in those years hardly walk, constantly complaining about the old man's disease, and only busy waiting to die ...

After all, it's not just the number of years, and in the quality of life that we have lived. Couple saturated minutes, and then over the years, we remember them.

Time is relative and depends on its fullness events, which in turn are connected with our desires.

There are forces to live, desire, desire, interest? Or we are ready to lay down on the sofa and slowly fade away, because everyone will see, life is lived ... no strength, and the desire to strive for something.

Life - is a desire

System-vector Yuri Burlan psychology says that man - a vessel in which the "bubbling" desire, reviving him. The desire - that is the force that animates the vessel. The desire to enjoy life. The purpose and meaning of every person's life in this world - to get pleasure from it. For some, this is reflected in the wealth and opportunities of limitless consumption. For someone - in the emotional experiences of love

. The way in which people will get pleasure from life, will depend on its vektoralnogo set. But in the context of the topic of our today's article we are interested not what it desires "bubbling" in a person and give him energy, strength to continue living, but how to increase the strength of the desire to ensure that they kept us alive. < br>
The tale of the golden fish, or how to increase the power of desire?

Remember the tale of the "Golden Fish"? When his grandfather caught a goldfish, and she offered him three wishes in exchange for his freedom. The only thing that he asked his grandfather to his grandmother, so this new trough, instead of the old broken. Only the grandmother received the trough as it immediately awakened another desire - more by volume greater. Now the trough - what is this? Trifle, Give her a new cottage. Only the house has received only a day or two was glad his luck as again her desire something gurgled, zaklokotalo, and now the house is not just a new she wanted to, but the king's chambers, and ranks yard.

Children's fairy tale, it would seem, and some adults, unbelievable system reveals things. But really, the system-vector psychology Yuri Burlan exactly describes the process of growth and desire. Only the people realized their one desire, as immediately wanted more. And now he has a greater incentive to live and to achieve the implementation of its new, increased desire.

What happens in the event that a person does not realize his desire? Then there appears a void, a sense of dissatisfaction. What is the exact opposite to those states that give us pleasure and lead to an increase in desire, and as a result - the activity

. But, with the desire, then it is clear, that's just how it is associated with old age?

About body connection and mental

System-vector psychology Yuri Burlan claims that between body and psyche are inextricably linked. Today medicine recognizes the existence of a link between certain diseases of the body to the state of the psyche. For example, many oncologists agree that cancers are provoked by stress, depression and other bad state of mind.

How often do you feel for yourself that a good state of mind and in the body of some kind of special lightness creates?

This is no joke, system-vector psychology demonstrates - the realization of our inner desires not let old age to our doorstep. It does not make no sense of the word "person who are young at heart, young and body." When a man lives the desire, the body responds to it. It does not hurt, does not ache. Legs not refuse to go towards the realization of this desire ...

Of course, the man is not eternal, and sooner or later he must leave this world. But someone out there right from the stage, and someone goes back many years, limping and leaning on a stick, suffering from disease and nespadayuschey fatigue life.

The difference between the two men only in the fact that the first implemented his entire life and having fun at the realization of their desires, while others hoarded a void. And not only mentally enjoy life did not receive, but even physically.

System-vector psychology Yuri Burlan shows that being active mentally, getting pleasure out of life, we age much more slowly and live a qualitatively different kind of life ...


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