Option is only one - to keep going

Hiking tour at 1770 kilometers, 3 months of continuous way, 36-pound backpack on the fragile shoulders, skived into the blood legs, the danger of wildlife ...
What could make the 26-year-old girl is the one to go to the extreme trip?

The death of a loved one? Severe depression? Many mistakes made, such as drug use, infidelity spouse, casual relationships? Expulsion from the university? Divorce with the husband? To terminate a pregnancy?
All taken together.

Her name is Cheryl Strijdom. She reached the edge, turning from her mother's girls junkie, having accumulated a lot of claims against itself and destroying their lives. She had nothing to lose. No goals, no future.

However, Cheryl still finds the strength to stay and try to change something. How to interrupt the vicious circle of self-destruction? Accidentally caught the eye of a guide from Pacific Ridge tells her the answer to this question.

«The thought of pictures in which the lake was depicted, studded with boulders, surrounded by rocky cliffs and blue sky, as if broken through my defenses. Just like a fist, punched in the face. This book seemed to me something more - a sign ...

... I should change. This idea has been my motivation all the months of the campaign planning. Do not become another, but to go back to the person that I once was - a strong and responsible, with a clear view and motivation, moral and good ... There, far away from everything that makes my life a funny and pathetic, I regain my your power »

. (Cheryl Strijdom)

Towards Cheryl had many difficult moments: body aches from heavy backpack; footwear, which fell into the gorge, and walk on stony ground bare feet; several liters of water to desert 27 kilometers; narrow path on a cliff at 2,000 meters; meeting with wild animals ...

However, it is difficult to say what was more difficult: the physical tests or mental anguish. One thought followed another. Memories haunted. The internal state of the transition from anger to despair, then to the devastation. But as a result of painful and slowly through the courage, self-knowledge, the courage - to redemption

«And the surprising thing is that I can stand it.. What can I make something that seems unbearable. This realization could help me physically, but emotionally very propped up. The fact that our complicated life can be transformed into a simple, stunning »

Now Cheryl is married and has 2 children, she -. A famous writer and essayist. One of her books - "Wild. Dangerous tour as a way to find himself ", which contains the revelation and on the campaign and its causes.

« I get about 50 messages daily. People say that "The Wild" to show them that they are not alone in their grief, that someone is experiencing such a loss just as hard. I hear it over and over again. And in addition to my deep gratitude in response to those letters, I also feel a great surprise: why are we all so alone, when we have so much history unites »

In 2014 came the film, shot on the memoirs of the writer? . Starring Reese Witherspoon. The actress called the job the most difficult of his career.

A long and difficult campaign Strijdom Cheryl begged forgiveness itself. She ceased to protest against their errors and took them.
This story confirms:

Never too late to start all over from the beginning.

Author: Anna Chekmazova specifically for the Website
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