Passport photo and in life

Passport is similar to a school uniform - he tries to equate all and put it in a frame with a red platter. In life, as a rule, we look brighter, more beautiful, more interesting. And some photos to life and on the official document so different that the language itching to ask. "? And this is exactly your passport┬╗

Website gathered ordinary folks whose image differs <. br>

Artem manager.

Elvina, PR agent.

Oksana, editor.

Askar, director.

Lily, the actress.

Anton, the manager.

Louise translator.

Adele actor.

Tatiana marketer.

Alina, Head.

Eugene artist.

Valentine, the designer.

Liana, a journalist.

Daniel, a student.

Nikita, actor.

Alexander, designer.

Throw in a comment on your pictures. We are sure that you have a change!

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