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Among the plants whose fruits play a more ornamental value to us than the flowers, graceful nertera Grenada - as the only representative of its kind - comes first. Often it is very unfair cost - both with low annual potted plant buys at one season. In fact, it is a spectacular plant can be cultivated for many years.

Nertera, creeping genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the family Rubiaceae.

A native of subtropical and tropical regions of the southern hemisphere. In greenhouses and rooms cultured N. Granada, or pressed (N. granadensis, or N. depressa), common in Central and South America, the islands of Tasmania and New Zealand. The plant forms dense clumps, decorated in summer and autumn with bright orange fruit.

Nertera growing rapidly and prefers bright ambient light, but not direct sunlight. It grows well in partial shade. In summer it is desirable to bring the plant into the open air, but you should protect it from direct sunlight, rain and drafts.

In autumn and winter need good lighting, you can use additional lighting fluorescent lamps, placing them on the plant at a distance of 50-60cm. With a lack of lighting at high temperatures izrastaetsya plant in winter, stretches, losing its decorative effect.

It should be kept in a room with a cool temperature for best growth nertera. In spring and summer, the optimum temperature of 20-22 ° C. In autumn the temperature gradually lowered to 10-12 ° C. The optimum content of winter at about 10 ° C, with good lighting. In the rest period (October-March) it is desirable to ventilate the room where the plant is located.

If nertera left winter home in suitable conditions, and even successfully survived through the winter, then with the onset of warmer days, ie, when the temperature does not fall below 6-7 ° C, its attempt to bring into the open air, in a well lit and protected from draft-free place. It should be borne in mind that spring and did not pass the threat of frost, especially at night. From the moment in place of flowers begin to tie berries nertera can be stored in the apartment.

Nertera during the growing season watered moderately, after a day or two after the top layer of the substrate dries. In winter, when the content of the plants at an optimum temperature of about 10 ° C, the substrate is maintained in a wet state, and the watering is done with a little water and very carefully. Only when the first spring leaves appear, it will be possible to water the plant as usual -. Regularly and moderately

Nertera during the growing season prefers high humidity, the plants need constant spraying soft boiled or filtered water at room temperature. Spraying produce only until the flowers: flowers and berries water should not be exposed.

Once a month during the growing season is necessary to make complex fertilizers.

If the plant has successfully overwintered, it is transplanted in the spring before flowering. Capacity for nertera should be broad and shallow. The soil should be loose and water-holding capacity. The substrate is composed of turf, leaf, humus earth, peat and sand (1: 1: 1: 1: 1). When transplanting the ground is not compacted and tamped, you need to put on the bottom of the drainage.

The plant is propagated by seeds and by division of rhizomes

Seeds nertera sown in January and February in a wide container filled with a substrate consisting of a sheet of earth and peat with the addition of sand in equal parts, put a drain on the bottom of the tank. The laid-up as little as possible to the surface of the soil cover the seeds with a thin layer of substrate. Landing lightly compacted plaque, sprayed from a spray and cover glass. Pot of sowing put in a warm place (20-22 ° C); Seed nertera characteristically slow and disjointed germination (first shoots may appear a month later, the last seedlings - 3 months)

. When the seedling pot with seedlings put on a bright windowsill, preventing contact with the plant to direct sunlight; with a lack of lighting is desirable supplementary lighting. Watering seedlings nertera produce uniformly, as drying of the soil surface.

Nertera conveniently propagated by dividing the rhizomes in early summer (after the fall off berries) or seeds (in the spring). Part of the rhizome should be transplanted into fresh soil mixture prepared from equal parts of turf, leaf, peat land and coarse sand. At the bottom of the pot is necessary to make good drainage from stab potsherds or expanded clay.

WARNING: berries edible plants can be poisonous to pets !!!

It has been over 200 years since this lovely little yuzhnoamerikanki, which grows in the Andes between Peru and Cape Horn, first came to Europe.

Subject to the ups and downs of floral fashion, she then disappeared, then reappeared. Recently nertera Grenada has become more and more often appear in flower shops.

According nertera zodiac sign - Taurus. Thanks to the easy to acquire physical strength, mental health, strength of character. Those who are not able to maintain order in the house and in cases nertera will be careful and exacting to itself. Earth Taurus teaches care of the material values ​​and respect other people's labor, so the need nertera sluts, not noticing the dirt and always satisfied mess.

Nertera very unusual. The plant strengthens the force, increases stamina, promotes the formation of psychological stability and calm attitude to the difficulties and troubles.


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