Rose Arden She is now 104 years old and rejuvenation process does not stop.

Now more and more often it began to appear about the fact that people are beginning to look younger. For example, a resident of Rose Arden Israel in 72 years after undergoing surgery on the thyroid gland, start younger and to date has reached 30 years of biological age.

Because Rosa just stopped eating boiled food. She is now 104 years old and rejuvenation process does not stop.
Turning on the raw food diet, you will quickly begin to determine which food is causing your food leukocytosis, and which does not cause. It turns out that some species of plants that are used in its raw form, can cause leukocytosis. It can cause even the normally eat raw fruits and vegetables, do not normally cause leukocytosis, but after passing through the hands of some negative people, food leukocytosis inevitable. Therefore, we must be selective in partners in a joint meal and should always bless the food to neutralize the harmful effects of exposure to the surrounding people and the surrounding things.
Syroedchesky person table consists of raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, berries, and occasionally honey, pollen, certain types of dry or raw mushrooms, dried fruit, seeds, soaked cereal grains and seeds. For gourmets there opens a vast field of activity, since this culture is lost Humanity. The raw food diet are present and borscht, soups and mushroom pilaf, bread and raw and uncooked cakes, fruit and vegetables or toast. Only with all this is not polneesh, "do not grow old, but on the contrary, get younger.


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