To understand the nature of man: 10 key ideas of Alfred Adler

Book Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler "To understand the nature of man," it was first published back in 1927.

Adler - a disciple of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, but broke with him and developed his own theory - the theory of individual psychology

. One reason for the gap was a disagreement with a teacher Adler with Freud's idea that all the psychological problems of the people associated with the suppression of sexual desires.

For Adler, the man - is primarily a social phenomenon. This explains his motives. A man reacts and adjusts to the world around him and seeks to fill what he lacks in his inner world.

The key idea of ​​the book Alfred Allaire:

Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, inadequacy of their own define the essence of human existence. In an effort to get rid of inferiority, a person reveals a multitude of talents and abilities. Alfred Adler - author of the whole of the term "inferiority complex»
. The inferiority complex does not necessarily make a person shy and introverted. On the contrary, a person can too strive to achieve the goals which, in his opinion, will help to overcome the inferiority complex. This desire often expressed by different extreme ways, including in the pathological desire for power.
Human psychology is formed in childhood. Each child tends to look for in a world where more and more of its optimal path to the goal. Its aim is to strengthen their own power.
The child selects one of the two command scripts - he either copy the behavior of adults to become more confident and mature, or deliberately shows weakness to get help and attention from adults. Proper training helps to eliminate the feeling of inferiority, with the result that the child will not seek their due manipulation of others.
The nature of man is the interaction between two opposing forces - the desire for power and the need for a social sense - in the sense of solidarity
. Each person is unique, because we have a different take and reject these forces. When a person opposes or ignores the power of social feelings, he began to develop aggressive traits - vanity, ambition, envy, jealousy, greed, megalomania and not aggressive - isolation, shyness, anxiety, lack of communication skills. The predominance of one of these qualities in a person, shows a deep sense of inferiority.
The whole life of vain people who cover their true motives and ambitsioznotyu vigor, reduced to the question: "what is my benefit?". Dodging commitments to the community, they finally have a very poor relationship, are isolated, shifting the blame to others.
Adler believed that it was not vanity main motive power of human discoveries, changes and achievements. Vanity belongs to only a minor role. And most importantly - the opposite of vanity -. Social feeling
The most important psychological function is to adapt the individual to society. Without adaptation skill people feel worthless and as they are perceived around.
Everyone is constantly striving to achieve the goals, conscious or subconscious, selfish or public. Due to the objectives and the process of achieving the human mind develops. Focus on the goal of making the mind resistant to any change.


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