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My light, Instagram, say ... Four female beauty ideal of stellar akkauntov

In the era of online media and social networks ideals of beauty and the corresponding stellar role models are changing faster than ever before. "To" I studied overseas resources publications devoted to celebrities, as well as the last page in the Instagram, to find out which female character types are of most interest to the audience.

Format plus-sizeModnaya industry and the public to actively support the lush beauties, which, in turn, become the vanguard of the movement "body positive" (positive attitude towards your body, based on the unwillingness to obey the standards of beauty). This is a girl with clothes ranging from the 48th to plus infinity. Perhaps they can not be called aspen waist, but they found other ways to achieve recognition: teach others to love themselves for who they are and preach the same "religion" in an interview with Women's magazines

. Models plus-size is already quite a lot. In 2016, this in all senses of a large cohort joined Ashley Gray and Candice Huffine.

28-year-old Gray graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, which is considered to be evidence of a major career success for Centerfolds.

31-year-old Huffine in 2016 became the face of the clothing line for full Violeta from Spanish retailer Mango. It is also the first non-standard model in an erotic calendar Pirelli in its history.

Ethnic izgibyPlus-size, despite all its positive social message, yet specific enough to type: debate continues on how health is normal for a young woman's waist coverage of, say, 90 centimeters, and clothing size XL. But, fortunately, the traditional figure of a woman with a curvy hips, rounded breasts and a small waist, too, at the peak of popularity after years of disgrace. The main rule is: the body must be at the same time sporty and fit

. However, to turn themselves into "hourglass" under the force of each: some races and nationalities are not peculiar to such a feminine settings. But the hour star-Hispanic and girls afrogenami.

Few can compete in splendor pieces with women from the TV show about the Kardashian family. In the footsteps of the infamous Kim Kardashian West is confident her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner. At 18-year-old girl more than 54 million subscribers in Instagram. In the wake of this success, she founded the cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetics, which is very popular, and then entered into a million contract with the sports brand Puma.

With the Kardashian family to compete dimensions is not easy, but some can not. For example, a 27-year-old Black Chin (Blac Chyna), American dancer and hip-hop model.

In 2016, Instagram-account Ranks rapidly gaining popularity: it has already signed 5, 3 million people

. "Hereditary" krasavitsySlava main attraction icons of the 1980s and 1990s is behind us, but the most famous actresses and models of those years has grown up young change - daughter. In 14-17 years, the young mother's copies snapped up: take part in advertising campaigns fashion brands for their lives watched by millions of people in social networks. Beauty-ideals younger.

For example, a 14-year-old Kaya, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford in 2016 stalalitsom jewelry brand Chrome Hearts, and then took part in an advertising campaign of the designer Alexander Wang.

Nineteen Lourdes (Lola) Leon, Madonna's daughter of the singer, in this godudebyutirovala as a model for the advertising campaign of the new fragrance from Stella McCartney. Until recently, she has avoided publicity and did not like the high life, but decided to "come out of the shadows", because she liked the concept of the campaign: to learn a positive attitude towards others, to resist the negative impact of social media and to accept themselves as they are. Do not have an account Lola in Instagram. But this does not prevent the paparazzi follow Madonna's daughter day and night. News from the life of his daughter published in the social network itself is a pop star.

Young and zolotyeBlagodarya social networks one can look into the life of the gilded youth. Personal pages of inmates Los Angeles area of ​​Beverly Hills and Bel-Air has attracted considerable interest: subscribers will want to know what kind of makeup used pretty nebozhitelnitsy as laid hair and where to buy clothes like theirs. Children from wealthy families become famous even before adulthood. Model agencies, fashion brands and beauty brands are happy to offer attractive to owners of accounts millionaire lucrative contracts.

In 2016 the main favorites of the fashion world have secured two young girlfriends Californian, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Girls vmesteuchastvuyut in the most important shows of the world's fashion weeks.

20-year-old Hadid was born in Los Angeles in the family construction company owner, Mohamed Hadid and Foster model Ioalandy.

Kendall Jenner is also 20, she was born in Los Angeles in the family Kris Kardashian ( "matriarch" of the corresponding teleklana) and Olympic champion Bruce Jenner (who in 2015 had divorced his wife and was replaced by floor-to-female).

In December 2015 the two girls made their debut as a model ( "angels") brand Victoria's Secret women's clothing. At the Instagram account Kendall-51, 5 million followers, and the life and career of Gigi monitor 14, 9 million people.


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