Price "sweet" life - the loss of beauty and aging


Scientific studies conclusively prove that sugar is harmful for health. It was also observed that high levels of insulin stimulate the growth of cancer cells. In the United States the highest rate of childhood leukemia in the world, perhaps due to the fact that children consume so much confectionery, ice cream and sugary drinks.

Have pity on your little ones. Drug dealers who sell drugs to children cause us anger, but we are quietly buying them candy. From early childhood, we stuffed her children held a multi-processing and sugar rich food. And then we wonder where did the epidemic of attention disorders, damaged teeth, obesity and diabetes. William Doughty in his best-selling book "Sugar Blues" quoted Japanese healer: "Stupid people, who give or sell sweets to children; once to his horror, they realize that the time will come when they will have a lot of

answer. " Getting used to the sweet, we are dependent on him. Sellers in the stores is very well known. Products made of sugar are put in stores at the level of children's eyes, the children certainly started asking parents to buy them.
Advertising seduces us, making sure each piece of chocolate bar, we are approaching the peak of flavor bliss. Promising sensual pleasure, it actually causes overpowering addiction. Mouth-watering sweets make us indulge their weaknesses, but it is a frivolous attitude to sugar paves the way for a variety of degenerative diseases.

Sugar, among other things - the enemy of your beauty. Sugar ages. Sugar weakens the hormonal functions and depletes the mineral content in the body, in particular chromium, opening the doors of old age. Excessive intake of sugar, sugary drinks and other sweets leads to swelling of the eyelids, giving the skin a distinctive reddish-purple hue.

Sugar also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. It combines with proteins kallogena creating cross-links, making the skin supple and less rigid. The increased insulin level causes inflammation inside every cell in the body, which in turn leads to premature aging of the skin.

Sugar interacts with kallogenom in the body, causes another problem - the pigment reaction. This exposure to skin pigmentation, which manifests itself in the form of freckles and age spots. As a child, I had a lot of freckles. Their presence indicates that the body does not show excess sugar.

According eastern diagnosis brown cheeks points indicate that sugar affects the respiratory and digestive system. Excessive consumption of fat and sugar causes the appearance of brown spots. Darkening of the skin over the cheekbones and under the eyes means that amazed the kidneys and excretory system.
The body will push all the excess sugar through the pores of the skin, causing acne. I got rid of them after use has ceased sugar. Now I do not get acne. If you give up fatty foods and sugar, your skin will clear itself.
As is the case with white dots on your nails, you can also use the eastern diagnostics to determine which organs of your body most affected, based on where on the body pimples. Sugar affects mainly the liver, kidneys, spleen, intestine and reproductive organs.

Pimples on the forehead indicate a problem with the intestines and liver, on the cheeks - with easy, on the nose - with a heart on his chin - a reproductive organs

. Scientific studies show that nothing of what we normally eat, so does not affect adversely on the health, such as refined sugar. Any diet that implies the exclusion from the diet of sugar and flour, necessarily improve health.
Hundreds of books and articles recommend to reduce the consumption of sugar, however, if you sladkogolik, you will never win the battle against sugar as long as not completely refuse from it. Sweet tooth diet with a low intake of sugar will not help, as well as to those who consume hard liquor consumption will not help slabokrepkih drinks.
Refined sugar is a very strong relationship. If you use it even in small quantities, the demand for it will never pass. Constant craving sweet turns into torture. I started to win this fight only after completely abandoned the use of sugar. That's when I stopped him want.
Victoria Butenko, in his book "12 Steps to a raw food diet," writes that perhaps our craving for sugar due to the body's need for calcium, as calcium by their nature sweet. It proposes to use sesame milk, which contains a lot of calcium, which helps to overcome our cravings for sweets.


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