Buy yourself what the soul asks

The great-grandmother was a widow of 27 years. And the two girls in his arms. A tiny boy died. Money is very small, hard to live ...

Salaries small, you have to be very, very lean. Save and wisely spending money on housekeeping. She did. So I lived.

And then I saw in the store these shoes. Luxury, fashion, lacquer, on kabluchke- "a drink." And I bought. They just fell on the foot, like a glove. And the house has got a gramophone and danced a little: she had not danced for two years. And two years led thrifty life, counting every penny, but to live is not very much and wanted. She longed for her husband and the boy. The shoes were very expensive, she had to spend all the money. And she was horrified to think, how to live with their children, and what will happen tomorrow.

And nothing bad happened. Borrow money, slowly gave, he pours himself less meat soup and gave daughters. And she ate bread and drank hot water - that's nothing, because there were shoes. With bows!

It is in these shoes went to a party for a friend, there is in love with her director of the brewery, made an offer, and a year later she married. And quite happily lived. The girls were dressed and fed, and both received higher education.

Although the war was, and all sorts of horrors, but the shoes, the memory of the shoes - they are worn out, of course - very supportive! It was the most joyful memories! And in 90 years, a great-grandmother remembered purchase these delightful shoes and smiling, told me in detail and in those of the exciting moment ... She rarely smiled: life was harsh

Here's what I think:. Buy yourself something that the soul asks. Even if the money is very little. Take a little, twisted, wallpaper or postpone the purchase of garden tools. Or toilet. Or even something important. Some purchases can save lives and change fate, but without them it is possible to do - without shoes with bows. < Do you still buy. And something good will happen. And I want to live. and dancing to the gramophone. And you meet someone interesting. And then tell us about the great-granddaughter shoes. In the 90 years. Smiling ...

Author: Anna Kir'yanova
Preview: Katarzyna Tusk



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