15 incredibly useful Google services, which you did not know

Admittedly, the "Google" - one of the best friends of modern man. Every day, millions of people are looking for information therein, but still very few people know that this search engine there are plenty of useful features.

< Website Google will reveal the 15 applications, of which you hardly knew before

  • Translator labels -. app for those who love to travel. Just point the camera at the label and you will get the translation in your language. Extremely convenient!

  • Gmailify - with the help of this app you can combine all your boxes in one, whether Mail.ru, «Yandex" or Yahoo


  • Google Academy - a search engine that will find your inquiry in the form of quotations in textbooks, scientific papers, newspapers and magazines .

  • Google Keep - application of brightly colored sticky notes. With the diary you will do things with pleasure!

  • Timer - you can specify any desired time. According to him after you hear the alarm sound.

    strong> Google Sky - here you can see the space as through the most powerful telescope, stroll through our galaxy and see the results of recent research

  • Google fonts - the top search engine fonts ul>.

  • Google Art Project - you are here you can see works of art of the most famous museums in the world in the highest resolution.

  • Think with Google helps you to be aware of the results of industrial research trends in consumer behavior and new ideas.

  • Google Trends - this service shows what is now the most frequent queries on the Internet. Keep up to date with all the events.

  • Google Shopping will allow you to buy everything from hardware to cosmetics.

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  • Panoramio - these Google-maps you can see the real panoramas, photographed by ordinary users <. br>

  • Google Sound Search - an application similar to the well-known Shazam - will instantly identify the name of the song you hear.

  • Search image - upload an image into the search engine, you can find it in other sizes, colors, at different sites and on different dates, as well as to look like the picture on the subject.

  • Build With Chrome - a bonus from Google - a virtual Lego. It's fun not only for children but also for adults.

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