Modern society CONSUMPTION profitable, so that no one grew up, as long as possible.


You know, it looks like the ideal customer? This teenager. The headphones, with a new gadget in hand. Dressed in the fashion of a teenager. Teen with big ambitions. For the system based on the consumption of a person - it is just a battery. Therefore it is impossible to stop. He should consume, consume, consume ...

And for that the person must remain a taste for everything new, which is a typical teenage trait. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Today, these words have become the new commandment for youth. The youth should be as long as possible, reckless and hungry. Hungry for new products.

The problem is that the good suggestions today can be any number. People change phone once a year. Place of work - every 2 years. "Partner" - once in 3 years. It is difficult to choose just one thing. It's hard to stay on it. It is difficult to be constant. Especially if you do not want the system.

You can not stop. Stop - a failure in the system. Any profound experience - a change of the consumption rate. The threat of the entire mechanism. That is why people imposes "positive" thinking. Today, the mountain is denied as a fact of modern life, and is forced out of people's consciousness. The desire to "do not load" makes other human relationships and feelings plastic.

For this purpose the entire entertainment industry works. People are too superficial. If you do you think over the plans for the future - even though it is necessary to think positively! Build positive images and simulate obstacles. But if you evaluate already passed (or is happening), the call to "think positive" means "not to notice the harm-lie-destruction." Here also lie! That is the slogan mixes diverse tasks in the expectation that people will not understand and will think (and this happens). Fantasies have to be positive! - A evaluation - objective. Therefore it is necessary to change the template. Instead of "thinking positively" should say "positive Dream"! And "evaluate objectively." Is the concept of "positive attitude" - which have changed for us (oh, to keep track of who and when?) To "think positive". That's really a time bomb!

Now it is simply a must not be like everyone else. "Creativity" - a quality without which we humans seem to be ashamed. Therefore, such a surge in popularity Instagrama. Therefore, it is fashionable to be an entrepreneur today. Startups. And it is desirable - a ready-made investment. For the "feeding of Hope" today - a strategy much more successful, than to take the risk and do something myself to finish

. Saying that there are adults in the world today, and there were only grown old children who had lost their relevance. Today's society does not consist of children and of adolescents who are already sexually mature. That just does not want to grow up. After all, modern life allows not to part with the illusion until retirement. But you have to grow up ...


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