The most bizarre creatures from all living on our planet

These are the beauties live in the sea, the ocean on the north-west of the United States. And live, apparently, not bad, just short of the 150-year-olds! How much imagination is boundless wildlife!

And how do you like this kind of creature?

Scientists call it Panopea generosa, or simply geoduck. This name came from one of the Indian dialects, which meant the unusual molluscs, able to dig deep.

At a meeting with the predator geoduck quickly burrow into the sand and make this amazing, quite justifies its name!

Does not that look pretty impressive geoduck? They differ markedly from the others, our usual clams. Sink in geoduck quite small, no more than 20 cm, but protrudes impressive "trunk" of it! This so-called siphon - a versatile and very comfortable body which provides a mollusk, and breath, and movement, and nutrition. And of course, reproduction.

The average length of the siphon - about a meter with a small, but occasionally come across a two-meter geoduck siphons! This dual like a shotgun, a body primarily intended to produce their own food from the water. After one half of the sink with seawater sucked plankton, and a second is already filtered water is poured back.

When the clam siphon is on the surface, it can attract the hungry starfish. However, geoduck can quickly vtyagivatsvoyu "neck" - as do, for example, turtles. By the way, the second after the turtles they are ultimately in life expectancy, it is easy and has exceeded the centenarians. By the way, the rings on the shells geoduck scientists study climate change.

This handsome man - an absolute record-holder among the mollusks. Geoduck live twice as long as men: an average of 146 years, and the age of the older of the scientists found was already 160 years old! So they clearly are among the longevity of our planet.
On the causes are still debated in the scientific community. Most likely, these gastropods so tenacious because of their slow metabolism, as well as due to the fact that they live in a region where they have no natural enemies - the north-west coast of the United States and Canada


Unlike other shellfish, which have to be constantly on the move to avoid the predator, geoduck sit motionless on the same spot forever. But they can at the same place to go into the interior of the sand on a meter.

But from the two-legged predators they can not always hide even under a layer of sand. Food clam long-lived are considered a delicacy, especially revered in Japan and China. Then it allowed on the sashimi or fried in butter with onions ...

As such, they are served to the table every year by millions! In the restaurants of North America geoduck soaked in wine vinegar and served with rice. And in Hong Kong fish markets, the cost of one gastropod handsome man comes to sixty dollars ...

Interestingly, the breed geoduck contactless manner: several times a year, the males emit water dense clouds of sperm. This is enough to fertilize the females, resulting in millions of eggs are laid. Already after 48 hours, each of them is transformed into a tiny coated brittle of the shell mollusk. A few weeks later the grown geoduck sinks to the bottom and buried in the sand, to spend a hundred years. During his long life as a female manages to delay about five billion eggs!


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