Have you ever thought of what makes a vaccine?
What do you think, for example, about cadaver organs and blood of people who died from hepatitis B? And this is the most common feedstock for the isolation of vaccine virus. Once the virus is selected, proceed to its cultivation in the specific culture medium, which again (this time as a "nutrient substrate") using the blood, tissues and organs of humans and animals.

Viruses are known to multiply poorly in normal cells, therefore for their growing vaccine manufacturers typically use patients are genetically defective animal - for example, mice special "cancer lines» (AKR), originally intended for cancer experiments. When viruses multiply, then they are killed with formaldehyde - a powerful protoplasmic poison, mutagenic and carcinogenic (as a rule, it is only used to embalm dead bodies). This formaldehyde itself is not going away - all of it is in the amount of vaccine dozy❗

WHAT contain READY graft DRUGS "output"?

First of all it is:
● cells dead animal organs and tissues (eg, kidney cells cubs hamsters and monkeys);
● cells from aborted human fetuses (used in particular in the manufacture of rubella vaccine RA 27/3); - Immortalized cancer cell line HeLa [cells American Negro Henrietta Lacks, who died more than 40 years ago from cancer of the uterus]
● genetically modified yeast cells;
● chicken protein [like all proteins, the strongest allergen!];
● blood serum of dogs, monkeys, sheep, pigs, cows, [how can we not recall the origin of the word "vaccine" from the Latin "vacca" - "cow", from which it naturally follows that the vaccination - it oskotinivanie person];
● hydrolyzed gelatin, strong antibiotics (amphotericin B, neomycin).

Still there as disinfectants, preservatives, sorbents and other adjuvants (additives) was added a fair amount of phenol [the same "carbolic acid", which in hospitals toilets handle] methylated mercury, and other dangerous cell poison - 6-phenoxyethanol [antifreeze] hydroxide aluminum, cooling and lubricating emulsion, dyes, detergents (Tween 80), organic solvents, borax [the man who poisoned cockroaches], glycerol, sulfite and phosphate components, polysorbate 80/20, propiolactone and others.

Vaccines are often contaminated with foreign microorganisms. So, they found:
 - Crustaceans simian virus SV40,
 - Frothy simian virus,
 - Cytomegalovirus (CMV),
 - Avian cancer virus,
 - A pestivirus,
 - Chicken viruses,
 - Mutated (and therefore more dangerous) virus ducks, dogs, and rabbits;
 - Nanobacteria,
 - (!), Mycoplasma, and even the simplest unicellular animals, particularly Acanthamoeba (also called "brain-eating amoebas»)

. The above-described "explosive mixture" is injected to patients (including nursing infants!) The most "efficient" way - directly into the bloodstream, bypassing all the natural protective barriers.

It was established that bacterial and viral DNA is introduced by grafting, can be integrated in the human genome, causing cell mutation.


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