On the purity of children's instincts suggested based TK Fry. He said, imagine a table, which is full of all kinds of food:.. Fruit, vegetables, live rabbit, fish, nuts, seeds, etc. What is all this diversity would choose a child? Thus, Fry came to the conclusion that a natural for us is the fruit diet, because the child from all natural raw food would choose first fruits.

Dr. Shelton in the above article talks about how Dr. Densmore, a scholar of the last century, have found new evidence that fruits and nuts - the most natural food for humans:

"He further noted that these products do not require additives, sweeteners, seasonings and cooking - they are already attractive to the human sense of smell and taste. "If, - he wrote - to put the next best gourmet dishes prepared by the most skilled cooks the most exquisite and sophisticated recipes - and sweet fruits and nuts in the form in which they made the nature, nothing to him without adding or changing - that every child and most adults, will find that fruits and nuts are not inferior, and perhaps even surpass the most delicious dishes in their seductiveness to taste. ยป

We also add that green vegetables occupy an important place in the diet, and in its natural form is also attractive to our instincts, though inferior in this fruit.

Determination of the natural diet with this method - is not easy. Nevertheless, based on our observations in the field of biology, and knowledge accumulated hygienists over the past two centuries, we can say that our ideal, natural diet should mainly, if not exclusively, composed of raw fruits and vegetables with the addition of a small number of nuts and seeds.

Patenaude AF "Secrets of a raw food diet"


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