There are such

< Hope Patrelyuk

There are poems that tear the soul not worse
braided rope around his neck Tsvetaeva, and under them
signature of the Aztecs. And make-up takes us to that era.
But it can not be removed in Unfortunately,
persons who are print Varapaevyh,
Prischeglёvyh and strange Peranevyh.
Perhaps more Zhigulёvyh.
But not genuinely injured.
There are some songs that are both gentle kiss of God.
He gently whispered, was the sweet,
it is eternal, it is cruel is infinite,
the merciful. But always playful.
After playing with a very sensitive soul musician,
the pianist, the violinist, guitarist, -. bound for himself as golf
As well there - and to accurately and immediately in pain
. There are people who do not go away, even the broom chase.
They are cooked in a hot oven,
your heart shamelessly need, a passion fueled, exposed
shamelessly need, a passion fueled, exposed.
Undressing all thy soul themselves. And do not repent.
And how are you do not run away, do not breathe in the opposite direction of his soul, -
they will remain. Do not heal wounds - neither yours nor his, -
and again to atone for their sins and fears in front of his lips -
in Infinity Century.


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