It is certainly the most remarkable

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It is certainly the most remarkable.
This is the main reason it did not occur,
Do everything to each other will never know,
Accidentally encountering not allow history to begin.

To look away from the sudden jerking:
"Do not tell me what time it is?
Your face seems vaguely familiar to me.
Where we used to be able to cross? »

Parallel lines, each in their own future,
Where for any reason unable to communicate.
How not to communicate with the land of fish, with the depth of the birds.
Thus, every living thing wants to protect themselves from death.

Realizing that death is inevitable and everyone has his own hour,
But not now and not here - this is not surrender
! "Sorry, I forgot to watch. I see you for the first time ... "- murmuring,
We are not so easy to take, we do not give up.

Precisely because it is the most remarkable.
Someone else it did not rasprobuet.
Not be able to choose the combination of breathing and touching,
Cause vibrations that turns infinite moment.

So he went into her, casually, as if in an empty apartment,
No altar, not noticing no smell, not on becoming the knees.
Leaving home, he backed intruder - Feeling tormented him like the ocean drew a handful

. And it is this - do not scoop, can only plunge,
With his head, curling up for a lifetime,
So comfortable - do not care to wake up or wake up
. Run away from it! From such great hold out.


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