10 things that we do every day is wrong

In life there are many things that rob us of a lot of time and nerves, but fortunately, you can always put an end to this mess.

Drink Coke through a straw solominkuVstavte into the hole on the pull-tab cans, and it will never slip.

Making the round yaichnitsuIdealno round eggs can be done without special equipment, but only with the help of onion rings.

Putting kabeliChtoby cables are separated by pulling, lock the connection a little knot.

Clean the chesnokPolozhite head of garlic in a jar, close the lid, imagine that you are a bartender, and thoroughly shake it.

Do manikyurChtoby carefully make up your nails, you need to follow this scheme.

Cooled drinks bystroChtoby rapidly cool beer bottle, wrap it a damp paper towel and refrigerate. 15 minutes - and all gotovo.

Knotted shnurkiEtot way to come up with Ayana Figen. So shoelaces not unleash ever. Of course, if you do not untie them.

Sandwich with morozhenymRazrezhte packaging with ice cream, put the resulting piece on a cookie or biscuit, close the top. Voila!

Open the plastic upakovkuChtoby open rigid plastic packaging, which typically are difficult even scissors, use a can opener.

Fold a T-shirt as a nindzyaProsto follow the instructions above. It's really quick and easy.

: Mirfactov.ru

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