That's What Happens When a husband and wife Economic Relations

My husband watched the football match, when his wife came to him and said, "Honey, you do not change a light bulb in the hallway? She blinks a few weeks. »

Husband angrily replied: "What? A light bulb? I told you that ... electrician? Nah, leave me alone. »

"Well ... Maybe you otremontiruesh refrigerator? The door is no longer closed ... »

"So what the fridge ??? I tell you that, from the "chiller" company? I have that, so it is written on his forehead ??? Fuck off. »

"It is clear ... The steps at the front door will soon break ... Can you repair them ...?»

"But damn ... I have written on my forehead, I'm a carpenter ??? I do not want to fix anything. She took. I go to the bar !!! »

A couple of hours spent in her husband's bar, drinking glasses, one after another. Gradually, he began to feel sorry for his wife, he decided to go back, apologize and do everything that she asked. Approaching the house, my husband noticed that supenki right. The light in the corridor is lit, the door of the refrigerator is closed ... "Honey, and who all is mended?" - He asked with a puzzled

. "When you left, I went outside and sat on the doorstep and wept. Nice young man came up and asked what was wrong. I told. He said that all repaired, if I sleep with him or bake him a cake. »

"And what kind of cake you baked it?»

"I have written on my forehead, I confectioner?»

: Nail

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