Funny humpback whale

Among sailors humpback whale has a reputation for "humorist": at times he maketh such incredible somersaults that only wonder. One of the favorite "tricks" humpback - jumping, resembling a circus somersault: whale, speeding under water, takes to the air, on the fly is turned belly up, waving in the air with huge fins, with a roar falls back into the water, and there is already head over heels over head returns to the starting position. Sometimes he makes several such somersaults in a row. When the jump is no hunting humpback just puts his head high and loud slaps on the water fins. And that falls on the surface belly up and flippers plops himself. And all this kit maketh no apparent reason, just for my own pleasure.
It happened off the coast of Hawaii. Two holidaymakers went kayaking in coastal waters Thogo Ocean. And met a humpback whale (or he does 0_o).
Gorbach gave them a demo presentation.
Judging by their faces they did not expect such a manёvennosti from this machine-killer.


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