12 ancient beauty secrets that are still relevant today

Every woman has the magic to know exactly what are these or other cosmetic tubes / cans / boxes from her collection. Beauties of ancient times would also be attractive and used the funds for this purpose, which may well be applied today.

We wording Website specially selected the most effective beauty recipes that perfectly proven since time began.

Olive oil ancients called "gold." This is not surprising: in terms of color and useful properties, it is worthy of the honorary title. It is based on olive oil, there are many creams and shampoos, designed to soften and strengthen the skin and hair. bath procedures indulged not only Slavs. Roman many hours were carried out in baths, discussing her feminine secrets and alternately enjoying the cool and warm baths massage with aromatic oils:. um, it's a pleasant word "massage" ... Lightness and softness in the whole body! And with the addition of aromatic oils, and after that flavor and silky skin are long - and all a dream. Textured fabric instead of scrub: really, what to do if there is a scrub hand (or before its invention still have to wait a couple of hundred years old)? Use fabric, of course. Suitable matter exfoliate dead skin particles are not worse than the usual tools. It is not known exactly who came up with the idea to use sugar for hair removal , but the idea that the ancient pyramids. Ladies love this method because it allowed for a long time to keep the skin smooth The cream of rose petals and cream Rose - for flavor and color, cream - for a velvety skin. Recipe easier to nowhere, and the effect is simply stunning. Honey for the smoothness of the skin and cellulite was also loved by many ladies. Anti-cellulite massage with the help of everyone can do: apply enough honey to the problem area and, pressing his palm / hand piece, withdraw. Cellulite such treatment is afraid, like fire and honey contribute to the beauty and softness of skin But to do curls strong, healthy, and most importantly -. Desired color, women have long used henna and basma in different proportions. Egg mask for hair were and still are mega. Recipes vary, but all who have tried such masks are delighted: the hair strength and shine Guaranteed Smetana , by the way, is not only good in the borscht.! Mistresses know that is washed out of the container of sour cream, as handles the day - velvety and soft. If you have stale a little sour cream, safely use it in the struggle for beauty lightening hair using lemon juice and the sun Yes, the ladies did not want to just red, chestnut and black hair . Blondes periodically were in vogue, and there was progress in the lemon juice. He applied to the hair, and then recommend a long sunbathing. It is thus achieved now popular Australian Blonde. The clay, the clay and the clay again The indispensable assistant for each lady. Masks and wraps made of clay has always been popular due to their effectiveness and simplicity. Gorgeous skin, strong hair, the smoothness of the problem areas, who have forgotten what is cellulite - Clay worked wonders at all times. And if you wish you can collect rainbow colored cosmetic clays in the world there are many on preview:. Frame from the film "The Brothers Grimm»

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