The most famous in the world of sushi master told how to achieve excellence in the profession

restaurant Jiro It is only 10 seats, and many famous people written to him in line for a few months. Jiro is considered the best sushi master, his path - example of wisdom and patience, but it is available to anyone who seeks to develop
Therefore, Website has decided to tell you his story.

Jiro Ono - it Funkturm, its signal sounds quiet, but penetrates to the core. It took him 85 years to reach the maximum level of exposure. But how did he do it?

Roger Ibert while working on the film "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" shares his keen observation of him:

"Being behind his desk, Jiro says many things. Some visitors - right-handers, some - left-hander. This helps to determine where they want to sit. When he offers sushi, is watching how they eat. He knows the history of this product, and before you submit it, it instructed the assistant cook octopus for 45 minutes instead of an hour. Jiro is closely monitoring the eyes of the customer to determine whether he liked or need to change something. But the fact that this is enough to keep the brand Michelin three-star restaurant. And Jiro understands that the four stars never will "(Roger Ibert, 2012).

This is a man who is not interested in money, power and fame; the only thing that he seeks - to make beautiful land. If he had listened to the opinion of the crowd I could have chosen a very different path. But the way Jiro not beaten track - it is necessary to open it, and strive to quality.

Observation. H3> It is one of the highest quality sources like radio tuning. Your signal should receive feedback, so you can be aware of the effect of what you are doing. We need to make a lot of small observations and constantly to "collect" the feedback. This communication takes place on a very deep level. Jiro spoke little, but he is in constant communication and experiment, which involved his clients.

Knowledge. H3> Sushi has a very long history in Japan, therefore, to be recognized as a professional, you need to know it, and at the same time to create something new. There is also manifested feedback. The quest for quality has no upper limit, it is possible to go on forever. And more and more difficult to beat his former self. This is similar to space exploration. You need to know what has been done to you. So you will gain time and save. Then take what you need, and try to go a little farther than anyone else. Or try something completely new, that's up to you has never been done. Start from scratch and make their own discoveries.

Repeat. H3> All masters use repetition, turning it into an endless cycle of trial and error. It is crucial to improve the quality, because it hones skills. In addition, it also helps to generate a feedback signal. Modern science is based on the repetition of the process and thorough testing. Art Masters also repeated before you come to the desired result. This is the way that can unite us all.

The intention. H3> It is important to understand why we do the repetition, in other words, what is our aim. Jiro The goal is: "I will not rest until you deliver the most advanced land on the planet."

Observation, knowledge, repetition - are tools that Jiro It uses every day in their practice. All the advantages of his method, and you can feel for yourself. But there is one important point: if the target is not high for real, she nothing will

Author: A.H.Chu
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Photos on the preview: Kubo Shunman



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