10 sites for those who are vital to relax

From time to time we all need to be alone with him, to make up for reserve forces and relax. But just lie down on the bed is not enough. At such moments, better to find a burdensome and soothing activity.

< Website to find you the sites that is the best help to forget about everything.

Space neon wallpaper h3>

No, this is not just a site where you can download wallpapers. Here you can feel like an artist. The intuitive interface provides you with a palette of multiple colors - and no more problems. The process appearance of smooth lines and connections is worth special attention.

Endless Journey h3>

A little scary, but at the same time incredibly fascinating spectacle. The site allows you to plunge into the endless world of the mystical. No mice and keyboards - just follow the link and disconnected from the outside world

Liquid Star h3>

Google Chrome experiment that allows you to create smoothly dissolving stellar vortices. We recommend you run to relaxing music, dismiss all thoughts away and just play with the stars. Well it is very comforting!

2 minutes idleness h3>

Sometimes we all need to take a break. It would seem that could be easier? However, many people in such moments is haunted by the thought of haste and waste of time. But have pity on yourself and let your body recharge. In a stressful situation consciously activate the countdown and try to relax.

Sempulyator h3>

Another musical toy that lets you create your unique melody. Each key on the keyboard fall or that the sound and bit - try and you will be amazed at how great a musical instrument can be your keyboard

The Secret Door h3>

"Secret Door" takes you anywhere in the world where you can walk and porazglyadyvat strange gizmos and landscapes. Open the door to adventure!

Feed your head h3>

Strange, but very addictive toy-puzzle. To get to the end of the story, you need to intuitively understand what is required of you, and act. The more you move, the more interesting events unfold.

Breathing Yoga h3>

The simplest illustration of breathing will allow you to attain a state of inner peace as in yoga, as well as in everyday life. Just open the website at a time when you feel that you lose your emotional balance, and begin to breathe properly. To heighten the effect, you can turn on soft music.

Visualization ringtones h3>

This soothing idea will allow you to literally let your soul flying. All you have to do - is to listen to music and draw the mouse intricate patterns and interactive component will add the colors and emotions

Just rain h3>

Who is not familiar sites with realistic sounds of nature? Here is another kind of rainy mood. You can watch the drops on the screen to hear the sound of rain, and still connected in parallel conversations in the cafes and the sound of the approaching storm.

Photos on the preview: Leah Tardivel

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