"Codes of attraction of money power." (full version)


This film is a tool, a positive effect on your electromagnetic field. In this film laid CODES subconscious to attract the energy of money.

You can just watch this movie for free, receiving it as a gift. But it will not work in this case MAGIC MONEY against you, because everything is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

If you buy this movie and will start at 3-5 times a week to view it, you will very soon see dramatic results.
The money that you gave for the film will begin to multiply at lightning speed and be attracted to you back in the other quantities.

Send a symbolic amount of 1-5 dollars or as much as you see fit, my payment details, which you can see below the text. The decision is yours. You do not become poorer by buying this movie, but you will become much richer, having received his money.

The information will be used for the benefit only in the case if there is exchange of energy, which can be represented in the form of money, services and OE Generally, if a person receives chto-libo "just so", it leads to strain on the higher plane, since the required energy is drawn from other walks of life. Thus you arrange other problems, and zeroed the good that was going to happen to you.









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