What can we learn GEESE!

I want to introduce you to a pretty interesting information: instructive observation of scientists or why geese scream when flying in a flock ...
If you've ever watched a shoal of geese flying south for the winter, you may be interested to know that scientists have explained why a flock of flying wedge.

The study found that each bird, flapping wings provide lift for the birds, located directly behind it. With this construction, the whole pack airspeed increases by at least 71% compared to the rate that each bird may develop separately.
Lesson: People who consistently moving in the same direction as the other, as well as feeling the elbow coming next, can get to where they need faster and more easily, because they can rely on each other
. It only takes one goose to fall out of the total of the pack and try to fly alone, he immediately feels the gravity and the resistance. And he returned to the flock to take advantage of the lift force created by the front of a flying bird.
Lesson: If we were as intelligent as birds, we would have remained in the ranks with those who lead us forward, and we would like to take their help as well as share their
When the leader is tired, he goes back to the end of the jamb, and another goose stands at the head of the pack.
Lesson: Perform on-line hard work much easier. Users as well as the birds are mutually interchangeable.
Geese at the end of a flock yelling, encouraging those who come not to slow down the speed, first pushing forward.
Lesson: What we shout from behind the
their leaders? And finally, if the goose, ill or injured, falling out of the pack, two other geese also leave the flock and follow him, to assist him and support. They stay with the goose until then, until he recovers or dies, and then hit the road by yourself or with another flock to catch his.
Lesson: If we were as intelligent as geese, we have also supported each other not only in difficult times, but also when we are strong
. Whoever first said about the other person "stupid as a goose" probably knew little about the geese.


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