Current energy. What's happening?

Observed in various social networks many questions: "What happens to the physical body? Why pass one problem, another begins? »

We are in the "zone of powerful scrubbing" all that was not worked out right now "gets" through all possible areas: health, energy state, fears, relationships with people living complexity. And it's not a personal choice: to work out or not - is a trend of constant movement of the planets in a new energetic space.

Who, being in the space of scrubbing, the challenge for the Soul goodbye to another layer of problems space "forces" us to gather, concentrate and show awareness in order to move on. Those who wanted and prepared for the creation of his life, and in the area of ​​creation include: relationships, self-realization, the manifestation of personal power, abundance, relevance, came to certain features!

If the level of the Soul was expressed intention, remember, everyone, and not just once, probably asked the Creator greater realization of harmonious relations, disclosure capabilities, abundant life in full - went to hell! Which are likely to manifest in the space of just at the level of the injury of the Soul is not allowed to enter the space and take advantage!

Examples of why it is impossible to implement what he wants Soul:

Do you want a harmonious relationship, but at the level of the Soul there is a split in the male and female aspects.
Want more implementation, and there is fear for the major areas of responsibility.
Want disclosure highest abilities, as there is an insult to the Creator for what did not get to do it.

And where is the physical body?

What is not recognized by us as a limit on the level of consciousness, the soul is trying to convey the message through the physical body and the pain! From physical discomfort it is no longer possible just to wave away, close your eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. In fact, all those involved in its development knows that the disease never occur just like that! Each disease and the body responsible for their spiritual sphere and carries a coded message about the problem that is not recognized at the level of consciousness.

For example allergy - it is the energy of resentment, but not all just need to clearly understand whom there is resentment: for themselves, their parents, the Creator? Then, to understand what is this resentment: the lack of love, the inability to express themselves? Working with the mind gives a powerful breakthrough for healing.

The second signal - people.

New message that transmits soul for release from the limitations of today - people. You can start dreaming about people that you have long forgotten or suddenly find yourself thinking that constantly think of the same man in the last days. Why would it do you think? Perhaps among you were not mutually activated contracts!

Talk in meditation with your Higher Self, ask: "What can you do for yourself and for the other person in this situation?" We adhere to the principle of not interfering, unless requested in the life of another, thus healing ourselves, to help each man heal injury, if we mutual contracts or were joint implementation.

What is the purpose?

In the last month this character very often in front of my eyes in images, meditations, epistles. The connection of male and female, of creation and destruction, the dark side and the light, love and pain.

Balance. Absolute. Unity. Infinity. Creator.

The message, which states that the time is now actual connection of its parts. Listen to yourself, your heart, your body.

The message in these energies for us to finally connect their Unscrew aspects, at least give it special attention, time and energy.


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